Spacehawk: the complete collection of Basil Wolverton's space crusader


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  1. liquidstar says:

    This is a cornucopia of awesome, love Wolverton’s work.  That first panel (cover?) should be a T-Shirt for sure.

  2. Hardley says:

    … so thought appears to travel faster than light huh?

  3. vertigo25 says:

    A company called Archival Press did a B&W collection in 1978. Little birds tell me there’s a cbz of it floating around the interwebs.

  4. SedanChair says:

    Looking at these pages raises the question, “how much did Steranko really innovate with Nick Fury?” Still quite a lot, but seeing that this was out a quarter-century earlier is mindblowing.

  5. sockdoll says:

    Wolverton is always welcome.

  6. cub says:

    here is my introduction to BW, picked up at a comic shop in the 80s.

    • dr.hypercube says:

       That’s meeeeee! I have a B&W run of Spacehawk, too – later than the 70′s though – need to dig it out (and need to grab this edition).

      • cub says:

        cool.  i chose your link b/c i really wanted as many images as i could find; hats off!

        i discovered BW the same year i picked up my 1st ish of WEIRDO.

  7. Henry Pootel says:

    I love how a lot of the aliens have noses.  Now days they’d be replaced with slits or whatever.

  8. sean says:

    Wolverton is amazing. This book is essential, especially if you all you know from comics is the bland vanilla marvel/DC (and their imitators) superhero junk of the last 50 years. There WAS a time when there was room for a lot of different oddball stuff in mainstream comics.
    Greg Sadowski (FOUR COLOR FEAR- 50′s horror and THE B KRIGSTEIN books) has been working on a volume reprinting all Basil’s”serious” horror and SF stuff from the 50′s, well after the SPACEHAWK days- BRAIN BATS FROM VENUS, THE EYE OF DOOM,all his classics from WEIRD TALES OF THE FUTURE and more. Those are some seriously weird stories, with great unique Wolverton art. It’s turned into a bio with lots of unpublished stuff (Monte and other major aficionados are involved), so it’s been delayed, but it will be a killer when it hits the stands in a year or so.

  9. Wolverton’s wordless Armageddon art is my favorite “comic” of all time. I have the same copy I had when I was ten. Granted, it’s pretty dog-eared- but yeah. Awesome.

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