Teen YouTube sensations Lexy & Stephany

I'm thankful that our pal UPSO pointed me to YouTube teen singing sensations Lexy & Stephany's uplifting video "This feels like love." But as regular BB readers know, I'm a lifelong Styx fan so I was quite moved by their rendition of "Come Sail Away." You can purchase Lexy & Stephany's 2010 album, Something More...Forevermore, at CD Baby. Oh, also, don't miss their video for "Eye of the Tiger."


  1. The CD description:

    “Simply gorgeous award winning classically trained voices are used by these teen sisters to produce a collection of original pop, classic rock, adult contemporary – and even a little opera – that you won’t be able to turn off”

    1. “Why is this on Boing Boing?”
      Because I found it interesting! The only reason any of us need to post something on BB!

          1.  Back in my college days, when one of the roommates cooked something, interesting could also mean: “it sucks”.

    1. Yeah I watched their Odos Oneiron video out of curiosity, and they do have good voices – just horrible music videos and picking songs that just doesn’t fit them.

    2. Dude, lay off the crack pipe.  They were horrible in that video too.  Another 60 seconds I won’t get back!

    1. Apparently they were taught to sing by their father. Which is a pity – there’s some real vocal talent there, but they need a better teacher; their breathing is poor, making them sound reedy and thin.

      Also their things are gratuitously overproduced, their dancing is robotic miming, and there’s just no passion in it. I think that’s a complete list of why people are looking at this and thinking it’s “off”.

      They could be very good if they found something they loved and pursued it. They don’t love this, and it shows.

        1. Also: they apparently hit it huge.  Quality can be created, taught, or faked, but fame (without funding) is just luck.

          oh the cynicism it burns.

      1. Hmm… yes, “off” is what I was also thinking, and yes that’s probably why. They have really good voices, but with a “but”, and the two songs above just didn’t sit with them at all. They have lots of potential, but they should find their own voices.

  2. They sing beautifully, but the videos seem designed to produce fame-through-Internet-backlash of exactly the sort that professional scumbag Patrice Wilson of Friday fame would have engineered on purpose. The destruction of a minor for the purposes of self-aggrandizement is monstrous, but it would be doubly so to take someone genuinely talented and do that to them.

    1. “They sing beautifully”   No!  Speaking as objectively as one can, these girls do not sing beautifully.  It is what the film-makers fop the 1920s might have portrayed as pretentious, but even THEN everyone knew it was just awful.  

      Perhaps they have slightly above par tone tot ehir voices, but they can’t breath, they sound weak, and they drift out of tune frequently.  

  3. These young ladies deserve the utmost respect.Voices for Handel, Not for songs that were pretty crappy to begin with.  If they were my daughters I would be very proud.

     She’s probably somebody’s only light.

    Gonna shine tonight.

    Yeah, she’s probably somebody’s baby, all right.”

    1. If they were my daughters I would be very proud.

      I agree. According to their Facebook page, they can sing in six languages, regularly perform shows for charity, and are nationally ranked junior tennis players. I hope my own daughter is just half as talented as this when she gets older.

      1. I hope that when I have kids, they won’t be judged by the number of dancing-bear “talents” they can show off at church socials, but can have actual happy childhoods doing what makes them happy—not their parents.

        1. Teenage years do not exactly qualify as “childhood” but anyway why do you presume that these young ladies do not have “actual happy childhoods” and are just trying to please their parents? Teenagers are old enough to do what they want independently of their parents.

          As for myself, I’ll encourage my children to follow their dreams and support them as much as I can, but I certainly won’t “judge” them on how many “talents” they have. If you got that impression from my comment then I didn’t express myself very well.

          1. “Teenage years do not exactly qualify as “childhood” ”

            Approximately half of them do.

            Stay away from my daughters until you figure that out.

  4. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised–I was expecting something like the Shaggs, or Rebecca Black at best. So their act needs a little work, so what? They’re teenagers, people! FFS. I hardly thought I’d be the one on BB comments telling people not to be so cynical, but really. 

  5. People here keep using the word “talented”.  I do not think it means what they think it means. 
    These are trained voices.  omfg

  6. A bit blissed-out for me. Definitely not Kawaii Desu. Part of me just doesn’t expect teenage singers to select such titles and sound like this. It feels counter-intuitive, and not in a good way. Want teenage talent? There’s plenty out there. Like Kathleen Gorey Mcsorely on the fiddle. 

  7. Okay look, I think we can all agree to point and laugh at the lousy material, cheesy production, tasteless art direction, etc. rather than at the girls themselves. Furthermore, there’s an abundant but not unlimited supply of talented AND/OR trained singers, both of those having a value it would be foolish to dismiss. BUT, our current culture tends to treat them as commodities rather than individuals, and this is the result.

    Also, that lesson is the only thing I find interesting about the videos. And it’s not that interesting of a lesson.

  8. There’s also a video of them singing the National Anthem at a White Sox game.  The levels on the recording are too low, but it’s a capella and reveals more of the nuance in their voices.  I’ve never heard such a soft, almost tender, rendition of the National Anthem.

    And there’s a video of Stephany singing Gershwin’s Summertime at a festival.  The mix isn’t great, and the piano is a bit too loud.  But it’s pretty damn impressive for such a young voice.

  9. I thought they had a dose of talent until I dug into their YouTube channel and watched bits of a couple videos. Scary. So scary. If this is talent, it is talent destroyed by the ease of creating YouTube content…

  10. Oh David, how dare you tarnish the great name that is Styx. Survivor may have committed many sins in their past, but they did not deserve this. Shame, David. Shame. I order 10 Hail Marys to you.

  11. No insult to these young performers: these girls have some talent.

    Looking past these (admittedly awful) videos; it could be said these girls can sing.  But I call them ‘girls’; not young ladies:

    They are still in an embryonic stage.  Talent-wise; naturally.  There is a great deal of room for growth…but I have to be concerned with the direction they are being led: ‘Come Sail Away’ in sailor-suits???

    Regardless: Juilliard bound or TMZ fodder…I wish them luck.

    I can’t really talk shit: I’ve never made a better video. :D

    1. The videos are perfect for virality. Can’t decide if terrific master plan, or horrible amateur directing.

  12. Yet another insidious American plan to rule the world by destroying our IQ! After a mere 10 seconds blood was pouring from my nose…After 15 seconds I had an irrational urge to watch an episode of ‘Saved by the Bell’….Run, save yourselves….Arrrggggg!

  13. Truly terrifying. If today’s youth cultural expression is any indication, we are so hopelessly doomed.

  14. The videos are indeed horrendous train wrecks of shitty production and a lack of even slightly interesting ideas but the girls can sing reasonably well. There’s room for improvement no doubt, but their singing is at least as good as your average pop-star’s voice. 

    Whoever has done the sound production needs to never listen to another 80s prog rock CD again though.

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