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5 Responses to “Fantastic graphics innovations from SIGGRAPH Asia 2012”

  1. Syn - says:

    Amazing. The carve by numbers blew my hat off. 

  2. Enki says:

     …wherein I learned that I am not very smart after all.

    • xzzy says:

      Try reading SIGGRAPH papers from 1990 or earlier.. 20 year old tech still makes me feel dumb.

      This new stuff is basically magic as far as I can tell.

    • spocko says:

      I hear ya. Although I knew I was never that smart to start with. I’ve worked with some of the early developers of graphics programs (Evans and Sutherland) as well as some people who were doing some of the very first work getting light reflections off of objects.  Lots of math involved. I did love one of the terms I learned, “Voxels” 
      I have an simple image of a teapot that took a Cray Supercomputer to create back in 1987. 

  3. CaptainPedge says:

    That last bit… is that lenslok?