Judge Dredd will PUNISH YOUR BOING!

Sara sez, "Found this in an old Judge Dredd comic (scan attached). In the 22nd century, when Boinging is outlawed, only outlaws will Boing. Includes great snippets such as:

"Give me a hundred credits Ma. I gotta Boing®!"

"Terminal Boing®"

"I always knew I would die... on duty... but not like this... not an ILLEGAL BOING®"

"They found the boy two days later, deep in Mutieland. A Mutie band had adopted him as their Boing® God."

"Well it made me laugh so I thought it would crack y'all up."

(Thanks, Sara!)


    1. And it’s only legal there because the makers of Flubber didn’t get an international patent. 

  1. Don’t laugh, it’s a crucial long-term plot point: Boing(R) will ultimately play a vital role (if memory serves) in the capture and imprisonment of Judge Death.

  2. I always vastly preferred the black and white line art of British comics to anything from Marvel or DC. The old War Picture Library and Battle and so on were frequently quite stunning, and artists weren’t even credited half the time.

  3. I hear you brother. Same here.

    I recently saw the (magnificent, canonical) Dredd film in a vast cinema in Belgium. There were only five people there: all of us solitary British males over the age of 40… *sigh*

  4. I don’t see how these elastic bubbles would make the classic “boing” sound effect.  Or maybe the boing bubbles actually trail a banner that says “BOING” in a big bold font. 

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