Cool things to find (Curiosity parody of "Dumb ways to die")

What might the Curiosity rover find on Mars? So many cool things. Maybe friends that hug your face! Maybe Nixon's secret tapes! Or maybe even something less easily fit into song lyrics, like significant amounts of Martian methane.

This video, made by Cinesaurus, is a parody of "Dumb Ways to Die", an adorably demented public safety message from Australia's Metro Trains Melbourne. If you've not seen that yet, you should check it out as well.

Thanks to Andrew Balfour and Michael Bernstein!


  1. Normally I find parodies of already-purposely-silly things kind of redundant, but that was very well done. Same singer or just a good impersonator?

    1. Neither, actually – similar in tone and atmosphere, but if you play them side by side there are significant differences.

      The brain is funny that way.

  2. Pretty cool, although I’m bummed at what happens to Gordon, after he fended off so many headcrabs with his trusty crowbar.

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