Bradley Manning's pre-trial hearing: live-blogging, live-tweeting, and live-sketching


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  1. ChicagoD says:

    I need one of them legal aide jobs. Get free clothes to sit in court reading magazines and get paid. Kaboom!

  2. Brainspore says:

    I like how everyone in the media has South Park hands.

  3. orwell says:

    i’d like to see clark draw tippy

  4. Jardine says:

    Why is Bill Gates there?

  5. Avram Grumer says:

    PFC Manning looks kinda like Tintin in that drawing of the defense team, sitting next to Bull from Night Court

  6. swlabr says:

    Excellent sketching.

  7. Boundegar says:

    Wait, is this part of the taxidermy post?

  8. kadybat says:

    Why are we still using the name “Bradley” for this soldier? It’s quite clear from what we know that she prefers Breeana and female pronouns, and I think it’s only fair that the press refers to her as such.

    • “From what we know” meaning from confidential communications or from verified public statements to that effect? Manning’s own defense team still seems to be using “Bradley.” We should certainly respect Private Manning’s wishes, but that also means waiting until he/she makes those wishes clear.

    • abstract_reg says:

       Bradley isn’t out until he is out. He will be Bradley until he tells the press otherwise.

  9. kallikanzaros says:

    These are not sketches…. they look pretty overworked (look at all that charcoal on those military suits… look at that wood texture).
    They look pretty cool BTW… if they were made by a 8 year old kid!

  10. tré says:

    Dear Boing Boing,

    I’m asking you from the bottom of my queer queer heart to at least address, publicly, how you’re going to handle Private Manning’s gender identity in your coverage. I’m honestly confused and a little hurt because I’ve always thought of Boing Boing as an inherently safe space for LGBTQ folks.

    Yours queerly,
    A Concerned Reader

  11. sburns54 says:

    I never realized he was a (former) thalidomide baby until I saw that first drawing. 

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