Dog dressed as two dogs holding a present

Dan Wrexham throws down the gauntlet: "If you've seen a better picture than this picture of a dog dressed as two dogs carrying a present, I don't believe you." I can't think of anything better.

UPDATE: François Arias let us know in the comments that he took this photo! He even sent in a better angle of this excellent dog:

Dog dressed as two dogs holding a present on Twitter via @willak via @Mike_FTW


  1. What really makes this special is that instead of two-people-dressed-as-an-animal (think pantomime horse), it’s one animal dressed as two people.

  2. I don’t think I want to attempt to quantify cuteness. There’s also a dog dressed as two pirates carrying a chest. Seems to be in wide circulation and Googles well. Fortunately dogs, most of them, have an excellent sense of humor about this sort of thing.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think the submiterator does anything.  Its just like those toys they put in kid’s play pens.  “Here kid, this’ll keep ya busy for a while”.

      1. For a while I was seeing “via submitterator” on the blog posts. Either it stopped happening or I stopped noticing it, but it was pretty infrequent in any case.

    2. Yeah, I’ve dreamed about getting something I submitted up on BB too. I came close once: I made a comment on a BB post that prompted Maggie to create a post on her blog. Someday, though, I will be heard.

  3.  It’s vitally important to credit the creator of an image – unless you can’t be bothered, in which case who cares.

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