Spike TV renews Tattoo Nightmares because it also renewed Ink Master

Spike TV has renewed its two tattoo-related shows, the competition show Ink Master, and Tattoo Nightmares, which chronicles a shop that specializes in coverups of bad tattoos. Considering how the "stellar" work by the artists on the former show basically provides subject matter for the latter, they should really just produce a spinoff called Tattoo Nightmares: Ink Master Edition. It's the inky circle of life! (via The Wrap)


  1. That’s going to be my favorite episode of Tattoo Nightmares; the one where a canvas walks in straight from the set of Ink Master.

  2. i love Inkmasters. Its a staple show in our household. Tattoo nightmares i can do without, despite my feeling that Tommy Helms is an incredible artist.

  3. Ah Ink Master, where part of the show is attempting to line up the “canvas” with the worst possible match of tattooist… For a show that pretends to show the best in tattooing, it’s pretty sad watching artists putting so much thought into how to sabotage someone’s tattoo.

    To say nothing of the fact that it’s rare for an episode to go by where at least one of the tattoos isn’t stolen from some other tattoo artist’s gallery… They even show clips of them browsing other people’s tattoos in Google Images — not just for “inspiration”, but often for outright tracing. I know a lot of artists who’ve been incredibly upset to see their work copied (usually badly) and presented as “original creations” on the show…

    1. You are absolutely 100% correct. 

      You can follow  @TraceMaster:disqus on instagram if you’d like to damage your eyes with examples of biting. I have been a custom tattoo artist in Japan for the better part of a decade and seeing custom work being bitten is heartbreaking – especially for one’s client. Even worse is broadcasting it to the impressionable soft-headed American public so they begin to think it’s acceptable… 

      It basically takes money out of the pockets of hard working artists and puts it into the cocaine/stripper fund of entertainment corp-o’s.

      Both of these shows are complete and utter travesties… setting the bar lower than Honey Boo Boo must’ve taken work, but they’ve managed it. 

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