UK ISPs will unblock The Promo Bay


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  1. uncompressed says:

    Cory, I like your writing and outlook a lot. If you wish to give credence to the subjects and issues you obviously care about, may I suggest applying a little quality control to the text. And I quote: “a site launched by The Pirate Bay to promote independent artists who didn’t having their material shared.”

    • cdh1971 says:


      Sometimes you about give subjects. Sometimes subjects about give you. 

      I don’t know about you, but I take comfort in that.

  2. Wiki-Truths says:

    Is this not just to distract us? Why would the gov care about indie artists sharing anything? They just care about the major movies/music. Just to make us mad and give us a “win.”

  3. cakey pig says:

    If you’re in the UK and you’re missing Pirate Bay then there is a mirror site called that is exactly the same! :-)

  4. IronEdithKidd says:

    The lumbering dinosaur of the “record industry” is very jealous of artists making money without them.  I doubt blocking promobay was even remotely accidental. 

  5. soybeans says:

    So if I have this straight, the record companies want to be the sole source for music distribution, even for unsigned, independent artists?
    Where they also bill all the up front recording and distribution costs to their contracted artists so many of them never see a dime in royalties for all their creative work and have to sell T-shirts at concerts for gas money?

    This loathsome business model is a lot like a combination of vanity book publishing and the mafia.

  6. good vibes says:

    While I don’t doubt that they would have done it deliberately out of malice, be careful assigning malice when the explanation is more likely common incompetence. Someone probably just pulled down a list of all the sites owned by TPB and sent that to the ISP’s.

    Also, I think props should be given to Virgin Media for speaking up publicly. Since they don’t have the best track record on the subject, I suspect maybe the hand of Branson behind the suits. His kind of style.

  7. Richard says:

    “… the industry was either incredibly cavalier about censorship, or it cynically opted to screw over the artists who had the audacity to go it on their own.”

    My money’s on “both of the above”.

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