Death Becomes Her being adapted for television

Death Becomes Her, the 1992 movie about two narcissistic, jealous, middle-aged women who attempt (supernaturally) to remain young-looking forever, is being remade into a TV series for Bravo, the channel that brought you The Real Housewives, and the most self-aware network on television! (via Vulture)


  1. It’s one of my favorite films.  It’s very popular with gay men, but it wasn’t embraced by the masses or the critics.  The stair scene is the most evilfunny thing that I’ve ever seen.  Also Goldie Hawn eating frosting from the can and wiping her fingers on one of the cats.

    1. This time I gotta agree with you 100%.  That movie’s a scream, though I haven’t seen it in years.  I have to dig it up and watch it again.

  2. oh man. i have this really great story from when I was a young teenager that involves this film, frozen water pipes, and two “advil” from my dad’s medicine cabinet that turned out to be MDMA. That happy accident pretty much ended my career as a christian straightedge punk. Things became a whole lot clearer after that experience, what with that camera shot through the hole in Goldie Hawn’s abdomen and all the, y’know, bats and stuff.

  3. Ernest? You pushed me down the stairs.

    Anyone remember the Discovery Channel show “Movie Magic”? This movie was one of the features. They were explaining how they did the “Meryl Streep’s Head On Backwards” scene and just kept playing the “pushed me down the stairs” part over and over and over and over like it was a tic.

    Also, Goldie Hawn looked absolutely terrible in the movie, which I suppose was part of the point of the plot. 

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