Visit beautiful Cape Goodenough


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  1. Nagurski says:

    The Russians claim to have been there first, and call it Cape Badenoff, after their beloved spy. 

  2. Ashley Yakeley says:

    I mean, who bakes koerths anyway?

  3. brerrabbit23 says:

    Beats the heck out of Cape Disappointment?

  4. Goodenough College would have been a good fit for Lake Wobegon, where all the children are above average.

  5. StCredZero says:

    Less than!

  6. joshhaglund says:

    General Perfection is the enemy of Admiral Goodenough.

  7. jimbuck says:

    Reminds me of “The Outerbridge Crossing” which connects Staten Island and NJ — it’s named after Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge.  Till just now, I thought it was George W Outerbridge — but all HE got was an Appalachian Trail shelter!  

    • jhertzli says:

      Don’t forget Mt. Everest. It sounds like it was named for its majestic eternal-looking grandeur instead of Sir George Everest.

  8. PhosPhorious says:

    Cape Goodenough?  Isn’t that near Notbad Atoll?

  9. d4l3d says:

    Makes you wonder what his ancestors did that was just good enough.

  10. gumbowing says:

    I’d rather go to Carefree, Arizona.

  11. yish says:

    hey, my family and I lived at the goodenough college for five years. after 3 months, you run out of goodenough jokes and get on with your life. its a really nice place. if you’re thinking of studying in London – check it out.
    b.t.w. the real funny bit is that they call it a college, given that it’s a students residence hall.

    • Olorwen says:

      The latter bit doesn’t seem to be terribly uncommon (didn’t it start with Oxbridge?), though it is funny – I’m doing grad work at a school in the northeast US, and have been trying to wrap my head around the ‘residential colleges’ where the undergrads live. In my undergrad state school, we called them *dorms*.

  12. niktemadur says:

    Reminds me of that very old SNL sketch when the Lord of Sandwich met the Lord of Douchebag, “Give me a Sandwich and a Douchebag and there’s nothing I cannot do”.

  13. GertaLives says:

    Yeah, well the Russians put a whole fucking university on an ice shelf. Eat that, you pasty Brits.

  14. Meiles02 says:

    Well while we’re here to make fun of Antarctic placenames, what about the eyewatering ‘Cape Circumcision? I kid you not.

    Usually far to cold to properly get the job done, I imagine…

  15. Henry Pootel says:

    C is for cape, that’s goodenough for me.

  16. Marjo Aho says:

    I was diving at Goodenough Island in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea, and can report that the diving was better than good enough. In fact, Milne Bay probably has more biodiversity than any other spot on the planet. There is also a “Goodenough’s Island” in Rangiroa.

  17. Guido says:

    There was a book about Plant Propagation that I used to read for my classes, its author was “Alan Toogood”. We thought it was an excellent porn name.

  18. Singe says:

    Goodenough was actually one of my grandmother’s maiden names.

  19. Carl Maltby says:

    Is it not pronounced “goo-day-no”?
    Apologies for the oversimplification and lack of funny.

  20. redesigned says:

     Damn, what i wouldn’t give to have a degree on the wall from Goodenough College.  I’d hang that sucker with pride and a smile.

  21. The inspiration for the Beachcomber character, Captain Foulenough?

  22. tw1515tw says:

    I knew a Derek Bytheway. He’d say “my name is Derek Bytheway” on the phone and you can guess the rest. 

    Cape Tribulation, Queensland was named by Captain Cook after his ship hit a reef as it passed over it.

  23. seanmchugh says:

    Perhaps he also started the consolation for high school dropouts: Good Enough Diploma.  

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