Free Live Streaming: "Letters to Santa: The Second City That Never Sleeps" 24-Hour Improv and Music Benefit


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  1. noah django says:

    (*´ο`*)=3 はふぅん
    i-it was already *in progress* when this was posted.  it’s more than half-over while I write this 

  2. Daemonworks says:

    Can’t think of why I’d want to go to the one in Chicago rather than the one in Toronto, but to each their own, I suppose.

    What I /really/ want to do is go back in time and watch an episode of SCTV being filmed.

  3. 5onthe5 says:

    Two kids from the same poverty-blighted street write letters to Santa. A rich lady turns up outside one of their doors with $10,000 and a box of laptops. The other kid gets nothing.
    Is this type of philanthropy actually beneficial? It is satisfying for the person doing the giving, and for the families receiving the gifts. But wouldn’t anyone with a broad knowledge of urban social problems prefer that you gave your money to a charity or foundation that can tackle the problem on a wider scale?It just seems…arbitrary to me. Life changing chances for a select few of the poor, based on the personal whims and sympathies of the rich. I’m skeptical.

    • Gilbert Wham says:

       Do what you can with what you have. As the article says, she manages a theatre, and Albini’s probably not doing too badly, but ‘The Rich? The article also says, they’re running a benefit to pay for it. ‘The Rich’ could solve the problem at the drop of a fucking hat and still be rich

    • ChickieD says:

      I’ll give a little of the receiver side perspective. I’m not poor and, having grown up living hand to mouth I feel like I do know the difference and am always thankful for what I have; however, one year at Christmas things were extra tight for me. A lady I knew, kind of a friend but not a close one, gave me $200 in her Christmas card that year. It made my year. It was so unexpected and so sweet. I never forgot it.

      This year I am ahead for, like, the first time ever at Christmas and so I am sending on $200 to my sister as a little pay-it-forward gift – and helping my brother pay for a hotel room and sprinkling little extra gifts around to friends I don’t normally gift.When times are hard and someone takes the time to do something special for you, especially someone where the money doesn’t have strings attached, it can change your outlook in a wonderful way.

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