Infographic: Which Wes Anderson character are you?


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  1. vonbobo says:

    I’m the guy that was raised by distant and eccentric parents, and now I am having a hard time transitioning into an emotionally stable adulthood. Which character am I?

    Answer: all of them, including the next 6 Wes Anderson movies.

  2. oasisob1 says:

    I’m Sam, Moonrise Kingdom. Yay! I love that movie!

  3. welcomeabored says:

    I’m Mordecai.

  4. huskerdont says:

    I am Mordecai as well. I am fine with that, but if I had ever been arrested, I could have been Dignan. Which would have been way cool.

  5. great…i’m dudley. not really sure why though. it would be great if the same amount of energy that went into making the chart also went into making it more complex and also writing something about each particular ending.

    You are Dudley. You have an incredible sense of hearing and powers of observation are astounding. etc. etc.

    @thisjenlewis. ok, that’s round one. before you jump back into illustrator, get yourself a pen and some paper and start writing and sketching out a diagram. maybe also, get a critique from your coworkers and friends before re-releasing the next round version. sorry to sound so harsh but the graphic is pretty but could be a lot better.

    • jimh says:

      It’s not the Enneagram FFS, it’s light entertainment…

    • huskerdont says:

      I dunno, it was all of free. And you don’t have to be Dudley–all you have to do is go back and do it again, but this time see the 2–or just say you do.

    • sorry. it just didn’t “WOW” me. i just thought it could be better and i’m not afraid to give criticism. believe it or not, i can take criticism, too. i have a visual arts degree and have been employed as a graphic designer and motion designer for many years. it’s what i do.

      choosing a limited color scheme, using futura and vectorizing characters from wes anderson movies is fine but if you’re going to emulate someone then go for the gold and do it the best you can. anderson’s (and wilson’s) characters are rich in the detail that this flow chart is missing.

  6. Lurking_Grue says:

    Yay! I’m a badger!

  7. blindwanderer says:

    Is it me or is the kerning subpar?

  8. Marc Mielke says:

    I am unfamiliar with this Bottle Rocket movie I seem to have rated, but note with some amusement that the one difference between myself and the two other people I know who got Steve Zissou was that they were more ‘comfortable with water sports’. 

    I might be working off a different definition of that term than other people. 

  9. We did this for our holiday card this year 

  10. Paul Renault says:

    Dang!  I was stopped at the first question.  I wanted neither.

  11. noah django says:

    I’m Royal…

    pic related.  I haven’t always been “kind of an asshole,” but I’ve certainly grown into it.

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