Yesterday was the final day of shooting at 30 Rock, here is photographic evidence

Something we'll never get to look forward to again: a new season of 30 Rock. One of TV's most excellent shows had its last day of shooting yesterday, culminating in what must have been a seriously weepy wrap party. Cast member Kevin "Dot Com" Brown took and shared pictures on Twitter, because he knows how much we wanted to be a part of this glorious farewell.

The series finale (sob) of 30 Rock will air Thursday, January 31 on NBC. And just in time for your to restock your tissue supply, Community will come back! It's the most bittersweet two weeks in sitcom history!

Here is the full cast and crew of 30 Rock, gathering for a group photo. Perhaps the last group photo. Sniff...

Thanks for sharing these, Dot Com! Will we ever have another TV show with a character named Dot Com? Probably not. And if we do, it just won't be the same.

(via UPROXX)


  1. As great as 30 Rock was, the last couple of seasons really fell flat for me. Which makes me pretty optimistic about the future – here’s hoping the cast members (who were wonderful without exception) and everyone else on the show moves on to bigger and better things.

  2. Doesn’t seem to be the full cast–I don’t see Jenna (unless that’s her next to Liz?), Kenneth, or Jack, among others, unless they’re hiding back there (or look a LOT different sans makeup)

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