eBook review: Cornbread

Sean Hammer's Cornbread is a dark kindle single that made me laugh.

With an empty life and nothing to look forward to ever, Jenny's sole pride is the cornbread she feeds her husband once-a-week. When Jenny messes up the recipe, everything changes.

Well paced, Cornbread went by just a little too quickly.

Cornbread by Sean Hammer


    1.  I don’t even think two sentences of banal opinions and two of vague plot summary even counts as a review. Amazon customer feedback is normally of better quality!

      1. Hey, you don’t have to be mean.  But it didn’t make me want to read the book.  It would have been good if there was at least a hint about whether there was a big supernatural surprise, or a crime drama, or just a lot of cornbread.

        I do love cornbread.

  1. So, I’m strongly resisting buying books in Kindle format, even though I could get the app for my laptop or iPad, etc., etc. The whole ecosystem gives me hives. Am I being a goofball?

    1. Completely up to you. I have a Kindle 1.0 but read everything in the Kindle App on my iPad. I just like it better than the other eReaders and apps I’ve tried. Its like ties but probably even more personal :)

  2. I get it — The book is about contradictions. 
    * “dark” ,  “made me laugh”
    * nothing to look forward to ever”, “sole pride is the cornbread she feeds her husband once-a-week”
    * Well paced”, “went by just a little too quickly”

  3. “Kindle single”? This is what happens when some marketing douchebag decides “short stories” aren’t Web 2.0 enough, isn’t it?

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