1978: Nevada puzzles over labor classification of brothel workers

William sez, "On August 2, 1978, a landmark decision in Reno Federal Court ruled prostitutes are actually brothel employees and therein lies the SIC coding problem unique to Nevada. My father in law was an economist for the federal bureau of labor statistics. Today he shared with me a document he found in the back of a desk drawer. Apparently the folks in Nevada responsible for categorizing businesses by industry (formerly called the Standard Industrial Classification system, now known as NAICS) weren't sure how to label brothels, which had previously been staffed by independent contractors until such practice had been deemed illegal. Thus a victory for worker rights became a nightmare for the local government officials."



    1. Mine too. I think also whoever wrote this either had a sense of humor or thought it a good joke. God forbid they make a new code 6969 Prostitute.

      However working with old systems I think I can grok where they are coming from.

  1. “… any one of the proposed codes might be appropriate depending upon one’s position…” 
    Perhaps depending upon your favorite position with a particular employee, anyway

  2. I worked for the City of Elko Planning Department for a few years. It was an eye-opening experience when we revised our city brothel ordinance.

    Did you know in some brothel counties, the “girls” can only leave the brothels during their monthly periods? And during that time frame, they have to leave town and may not “poach” customers from their brothels? Yep. It is what it is.

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