Shipment of 18 human heads intercepted at airport


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  1. Funk Daddy says:

    What the hell, they don’t have access to fire in Italy?

    Austerity is a bitch.

  2. Dammit!  I need those heads TODAY!!!

  3. Damn, I ordered kidneys.

    Will that shop ever send the right item?

  4. ocschwar says:

    Well, that ruins my plans for Valentine’s Day. 

  5. Finnagain says:

    Shoot, I wonder where the other six went.

  6. gwailo_joe says:

    “What’s that in the road ahead?”

    “At’s no ‘ead lad, it’s a smart lookin cabbage…”

  7. Max Allan says:

    “the medical examiner is photographing and x-raying the embalmed heads for record-keeping purposes”What records does the medical examiner need to keep of something that is essentially being thrown away as rubbish??? What a total waste of their time, unless they’ve given it to the new boy as a training exercise.

    Not to diminish the massive waste of time and effort in Italy sending their rubbish all the way to America to be disposed of. Even if there is some reason not to have crematoriums in Italy, we’ve got them in the UK. 

  8. Marc45 says:


  9. Marc Mielke says:

    Yet another thing the TSA isn’t going to let us board with. 

  10. Scratcheee says:

    Cook County? Why, that’s 18 more votes right there!

  11. James Penrose says:

    So it’s come to this:  Your papers are not in order, so now you’re going to lose your head for it?

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