Elfquest: Water birth

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  1. Well, babies can ”breathe” underwater sort of, check clips about it on YouTube *nod* …so I have no worries bout this Little Fishy that Smoothly popped out of her Mother, birth didn’t seem painful at all~!!

    Unless Brill been going through Hell prior to Sunstream’s Arrival >.<

  2. The little girl’s got an awesome start to life. WHEEE! ( The speed of this picture makes me think Brill was  swiming sort of fast (considing the  distance between her and the child, and she’s not turned around yet.

    But YEAh! (I wanna know who this little girl is now). Her name? What color are her eyes? What color is her hair? Does she have a soulname?
    Who who Who!

  3. Seeing this, I am reminded of Episode 9 of one of my all-time anime series: “Earth Maiden Arjuna” (“Chikyû shôjo Arjuna”), where Cindy explains to Juna, that normally infants don’t cry when being born naturally… and a beautiful water birth is featured there, too, when we witness Chris being born. That’s one of the episodes, where my vision gets blurred all the time from those tears in my eyes…

  4. Simply perfect! I could not imagine a more appropriate way for this baby to have been born. They will make lovely parents.

  5. I’m sorry but I laughed when I saw this.  Just a touch ridiculous and why is Sunstream so far back?!  They’re lucky some shark didn’t eat the kid as it was waiting to be picked up.

    1.  He’s far back because they’re going FAST and he needs to catch that baby and being far back gives the baby enough time to slow down enough so that when he catches it it isn’t SHOOTING into his hands with the force of a champagne cork being popped directly into your eye.

  6. Folks – quick biology lesson: this is EXACTLY how real life marine mammals such as dolphins give birth.  Elfquest is at its best when the story and art are founded on our best understanding of real-life science and fact.  Today’s page is a perfect example of that.  It has no more to do with “fish poop” and is no more ridiculous than this:

  7. This is pretty cool. I understand why she didn’t want to be cooped up in some little pool, not able to move and swim! The dolphin video was interesting as well.

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