Guided by Voices - “She Lives in an Airport ” (free MP3)


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  1. Ed O'Connor says:

    Anyone who likes the early lo-fi GBV would do well to check out the rereleased 80′s output from The Cleaners from Venus. Wivenhoe UK’s Martin Newell wrote and produced a bunch of great DIY brit-pop under the Cleaners moniker on a 4-track porta-studio in a backyard shed. Midnight Cleaners is the album to start with.

  2. bheater says:

    Damn. Bob slays me every time. 

  3. Chef Tournel says:

    Pollard tried “self-editing and higher production values” on Under The Bushes Under The Stars. Didn’t work, it’s one of the weakest GBV albums. It’s not that as a fan, you “tolerate” the unfinished bits and pieces or weird experimental stuff – for me it’s more that you consider them equal to the “proper” songs. The best albums are beautiful collages that you listen to front to end. It’s not about picking the rough diamond songs, it’s about the whole flow of music and sound, where occasionally a proper song idea pops up.

  4. Alex Giedt says:

    The guided by voices song database (includes some covers) lists 1904 songs that Robert Pollard has recorded.  The vast majority are original compositions.  He is the standard definition of prolific.  He is also fantastic live.

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