Report: CNET news writers also told not to cover courtroom foes


19 Responses to “Report: CNET news writers also told not to cover courtroom foes”

  1. Jeff Sepeta says:

    CBS has been doing a shitty job of representing the news for years. I’m not surprised or bothered by their recent actions, as I don’t pay attention to anything announced by CBS news.

  2. Dave X says:

    Regarding the resignations vs. being fired, let’s face it– this sort of “news” isn’t the sort of stuff anyone can get too riled up about anyway. Who’s going to go to bat and get fired over whether or not they got to review yet another silver iGadget?

  3. Nell Anvoid says:

    But…but…now where will all the Apple fanboys and fangirls go to be validated?

  4. So does this not finish CNET as a respected source of tech news? Or were they already finished? 

  5. Elsewhere1010 says:

    Congratulations to CBS for triggering the Streisand Effect, where overcautious governance draws attention to something (a product that may or may not be a better answer/solution/threat to CBS) and making even more people aware of how frightened CBS has become.

    Great work! Way to go!! Attaboy!!!

  6. Shinkuhadoken says:

    CBS also owns the critic aggregator site Metacritic which I’ve used tremendously to evaluate new media at-a-glance. But recent events have made me believe that’s not so wise if they insist on downgrading their enemies for no more reason than that.

  7. AnthonyCM says:

    CNET, as Tom would say, is dunzo.  I hope those I like – Molly, Cooley – find a home elsewhere.  TWiT?

  8. Matt says:

    Old news. CBS betrayed 60 Minutes years ago when 60 minutes was going after Big Tobacco.

  9. Marc45 says:

    I’m wondering if CBS isn’t opening itself up to a lawsuit by doing this…just saying…

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