Gimme Some Truth: short doc on fracking, with Artists Against Fracking, and Yoko Ono

Above: Artists Against Fracking have released a short documentary by filmmaker Josh Fox on the group’s recent tour of fracking sites in Pennsylvania. The group will air a winning TV ad from its #DontFrackNY video contest next week. Below, Yoko Ono’s new television spot in response to NY Gov. Cuomo’s silence and his upcoming Feb. 27 deadline for a decision on fracking. The ad features Ono directly addressing the Governor, a response to her unmet requests for meetings.

“Gov. Cuomo, since you haven’t met with me about the dangers of fracking, I will show you. PS: Nice to meet you, Governor,” Ono says in the ad.

"After visiting with families in Pennsylvania whose water, homes and lives have been hurt by the gas industry, I wanted to show Gov. Cuomo and the public what I saw," she says. "He must know what could happen to New Yorkers -- our air, our water, our climate -- if he allows fracking."


  1. I initially parsed that as Artists Against (Fracking and Yoko Ono) and thought it sounded like an odd combination of things for a single organization to be protesting.

  2. I support their attempts to limit or stop hydraulic fracturing in gas and oil wells, simply because the chemicals being injected into the ground will at some point make their way into the water table.  The risks of permanent damage to the earths fresh water supply outweighs the benefits of extending well life and production.  Read some industry publications about the geology and the process of hydraulic fracturing and see if it sounds safe.  Because oil and gas extraction is a lucrative and highly competitive industry the formulas for the fracturing lubricants and abrasives are constantly changing and considered trade secrets. Who knows what is being injected into the rock layers at high pressure?   The Marcellus Shale is enormous, they will go after every last bit of it.  There are great economic pressures in favor of this.  80 trillion cubic feet?  For sale to the highest bidder, foreign or domestic, believe it. But the bottom line is, do you trust Halliburton and the rest to keep our water clean?

  3. The legitimate, documented problems with drinking water supplies have been a result of faulty well casings near the surface, not some issue with the fracking itself. Activists just like to group it all under the label of “fracking” because it sounds sinister. You can run into the exact same problems with conventional wells.

    The problem isn’t fracking specifically. It is drilling for hydrocarbons in general.

  4. I’ve just thought of something that would be nice to have in threads like this. A counter controlled by the moderators with the number of astroturfers posting comments.

    1. You’re just scared because you don’t understand it. I’m not mad at you, just disappointed. Let me link to an expert article on ICHC to explain how your children will freeze to death if you don’t set that straw man on fire.

  5. I simply wouldn’t dream of making up my mind about a particular scientific controversy without first checking to see what side Yoko Ono is lined up on.

  6. I have a gas well on my property, about 800 feet from my house, drilled three years ago using fracking.  My drinking water, and that of my neighbors, has been tested and is just fine.

    But the problem is that since the drop in natural gas prices, I have seen my monthly royalty check drop from almost $2000 to about a third of that.

    So my wife has suggested that we become environmental activists, opposing not only fracking but demanding the closing of coal mines and coal fired power plants.  I’m considering this.  We sure don’t want to see a continued gas glut!

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