Tell Me Something I Don't Know 001: Gary Groth interview

Boing Boing has a new podcast! It's called Tell Me Something I Don't Know, and it's an interview podcast featuring artists, writers, filmmakers, and other creative people discussing their work, ideas, and the reality/business side of how they do what they do.

It's produced and hosted by three talented cartoonists and illustrators:

Jim Rugg, a Pittsburgh-based comic book artist, graphic designer, zinemaker, and writer best known for Afrodisiac, The Plain Janes, and Street Angel.

Jasen Lex is a designer and illustrator from Pittsburgh. He is currently working on a graphic novel called Washington Unbound. All of his art and comics can be found at

Ed Piskor is the cartoonist who drew the comic, Wizzywig, and draws the Brain Rot/ Hip Hop Family Tree comic strip at this very site, soon to be collected by Fantagraphics Books.

In episode #1, Jim, Jasen, and Ed interview Gary Groth, the founder/publisher of The Comics Journal and Fantagraphics Books. His influence on the state of the contemporary American comics industry and on the art-form itself is difficult to overstate. As a publisher, Fantagraphics' list of works include such celebrated comics as Charles Shultz' Peanuts, George Herriman's Krazy Kat, the Complete Crumb Comics, the Hernandez Bros.' Love and Rockets, Dan Clowes' Eightball (including Ghost World and the original appearance of Ice Haven), Chris Ware's early Acme Novelty Library (including Jimmy Corrigan's original serialization), Charles Burns' Black Hole series, and literally dozens of other significant comics from the last 35 years. Meanwhile, as the founder of the Comics Journal, Groth established and maintained levels of journalistic standards and critical writing never-before-seen in the American comics industry.

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  1. Wow, The Comics Journal is still around? I thought it folded when Image Comics de-evolved the industry back to the pre-EC level of stupid.

    1. Issue #302 just came out. They stopped putting out monthlies in favor of a massive book update (the new issue is 624 pages with interviews with Maurice Sendak and Jacques Tardi). 

  2. I haven’t listened yet (so maybe this is explained up front), but in searching iTunes for “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”, an earlier 27 episodes pop up, but not the Groth show, above. I can get to the BB version, via the link at the bottom of the post, but it doesn’t show up when searching via iTunes.

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