Largest collection of microcars up for auction today


10 Responses to “Largest collection of microcars up for auction today”

  1. nixiebunny says:

    I hope the participants ALL dress up as Shriners for this event. 

  2. jayson says:

    This is about the worst news I’ve heard in a long time. I’ve wanted to visit the Microcar Museum for years, and always figured I could go “in a few months.”

    I never imagined it would close, much less with no notice at all. TODAY? I’m gutted beyond words.

  3. Jason Baker says:

    Someone needs to get the folks at Organic Transit to make fiberglass copies of these and turn them into solar bike cars! (I’ve got no affiliation with them; I just think they’re awesome.)

  4. Preston Sturges says:

    I hope they keep up the website, which is great fun to browse and a valuable resource.   It would be  tragic if the site goes down. 

  5. Gilbert Wham says:


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