Largest collection of microcars up for auction today

The world's largest collection of microcars from the Microcar Museum in Madison, Georgia is on the auction block today and tomorrow. Put together by a single collector– Bruce Weiner, a former executive at Dubble Bubble –the collection of rare cars and memorabilia is being split up mostly because the fun part for him was collecting them, not storing them. Most of the good cars like this 1947 Rovin D2 are expected to sell between $20,000 and $40,000.

World’s largest microcar museum to close, head to auction | Hemmings Blog Thanks, Tony!


  1. This is about the worst news I’ve heard in a long time. I’ve wanted to visit the Microcar Museum for years, and always figured I could go “in a few months.”

    I never imagined it would close, much less with no notice at all. TODAY? I’m gutted beyond words.

    1. I’ve lived near Madison for years (lived in Madison when I was a teenager), and I’ve still never been to the actual museum.  I did go through there once when they gave an exhibition in the town square.

      1. It’s my own fault for not just going when I had the chance.

        Maybe some great collector will buy the whole thing and make it available to the public again . . .

  2. Someone needs to get the folks at Organic Transit to make fiberglass copies of these and turn them into solar bike cars! (I’ve got no affiliation with them; I just think they’re awesome.)

  3. I hope they keep up the website, which is great fun to browse and a valuable resource.   It would be  tragic if the site goes down. 

    1.  The site was down last night , but says it will be up after the auction. But for how much longer, who knows?

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