Indian diploma mill uses Internet censorship to shut down critics

@kanwarsation sez, "Using a muzzling Court Order under India's badly written IT Act against the Department of Telecom, the IIPM has blocked articles critical of them, including satire on humour sites, and commentary on news sites as well. Most shocking, they have blocked the link to an official order declaring that they are not a university, which was posted on the website of the University Grants Commission, a government body that looks at higher education. The Indian Institute of Planning & Management is an over-priced MBA school that basically allows in anyone who writes a big enough cheque. There has been continuing criticism of their methods and quality, and of their flamboyant Founder/Chairman Arindam Chaudhuri."


  1. So, just to be clear, the Indian Institute of Planning and Management, often abbreviated IIPM, is a scammy degree mill, and if you ever see it on a resume, you should immediately throw it in the trash.   It’s a good thing for all of us that they’ve taken the initiative to make sure that this is amply attested to in articles and comments on high traffic websites with large Google footprints. 

  2. While the original article was taken down due to the muzzling court order, an archive is available at The Internet Archive:

    All the anecdotes I have heard about said institute from people in the know, in my city, are quite in-line with the article (one branch of the institute exists in my city).

    While this is, in all probabilities, true of said Institute, it is also true of the vast majority of privately run education institutes in India. The only difference is that said institute is national publicity-seeking, and most others fly under the radar (and fly by night :)

  3. IIPM – Indian Institute of Personnel Management used to be an honest- to- God assembly of Personnel Managers…. It was to merge with the another parallel body…God Knows what came of it… 

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