Canadian court: you have the right to google a lawyer

Michael Geist sez, "Hollywood crime dramas are infamous for the scene when an accused is taken to a local police station and permitted a single phone call to contact a relative or lawyer. While the storyline is myth - there is no limit on the number of phone calls available to an accused or detainee - a recent Alberta case established a new, real requirement for law enforcement. After a 19-year old struggled to find a lawyer using the telephone, the court ruled that police must provide an accused with Internet access in order to exercise their right to counsel.

3 Responses to “Canadian court: you have the right to google a lawyer”

  1. Sean Breakey says:

    My smartphone only carries the name phone for strictly commerative purposes.  The only thing I call on a regular basis is an automated checkin system for work, which could be done better with SMS.  This is one small step to catch up.

  2. Michael Langford says:

    With the crazy costs of lawyers, I think this is an exceedingly fair ruling

  3. stillcantfightthedite says:

    How about I give you the finger *flips the bird* and you give me my google search!

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