A report from Webstock 2013: Jasmina Tesanovic


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  1. blearghhh says:

    IQ’s as high as boiling water? So 100, which is average? Why should I be listening to them? I don’t get it… (Said with IQ hovering slightly above that of the boiling water itself on a Friday)

    • Chris Hogan says:

      “Their IQs are as high as boiling water…”

      Given the tone of the rest of the piece there’s a chance that this line was perhaps intended as veiled abuse.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        Although your interpretation is probably correct, I should point out that water boils at 212° here in the US.

        On a related note, when someone asks me how I figured out something terrifyingly obvious, I say, “I have a three-digit IQ.”  And predictably, they look impressed.

  2. Nice, but surely IQs “as high as boiling water” just means 100 or so, i.e. the average?
    Sorry, deactivating Pedant Mode again :)

    Edit: Beaten to it! Well, my IQ’s probably only that of lukewarm water anyway… I liked pondering slowly on the article; perhaps I’m gonna need psychotherapy then? Boo!

  3. sky croeser says:

    Joanna McLeod has a useful perspective on one aspect of Webstock – the use of sexist and anti-fat language: http://joannamcleod.com/webstock-and-why-words-matter/

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