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7 Responses to “Noise rocker Brian Chippendale uses his childhood drawings for music video”

  1. used the front AND back of each page.  resourceful.

  2. JohnQPublic says:

    this reminds me of my old Apple II game “Rescue Raiders”

  3. yetanotherhumanbeing says:

    Dude has had a few comics published, all super dense and chaotic and worth checking out. One of those:


    And everyone loves Lightning Bolt, OF COURSE.

    • James Sannino says:

      I have this comic. It’s printed on Japanese newspaper, like 10-30 panels on every 3×5″ page, back and front, most everything is drawn in the negative space.  He must used hundreds of pens to do this.

  4. Pope Ratzo says:

    “Black Pus” was the name of my band in college.  I’m asserting prior art.  Or something.

  5. Boundegar says:

    These Tarantino movies just keep getting more violent.

  6. Manel says:

    The dude is such a badass drummer!  Holy hell!  And this flip-book vid of his junior high drawings is adorable.  Swoon.