Lamborghini's $3.9 million Veneno


Unfortunately, all three of the new limited edition Lamborghini Venenos produced for sale have been pre-ordered, but I'm going to keep my eyes out at CarMax. (Motor Trend)


    1. Looks like they were watching a Transformers show and someone decided to make a car out of the Decepticon logo. 

      1. A car whose body panels have all been converted into cheese graters! Genius! Someone call the Mythbusters.

      2.  I’m afraid that I must confess that IDGI, but I also see my opinion of the car is the minority opinion anyways.  So maybe it doesn’t matter.

    1. Can’t account for taste, I guess, because I think it’s one of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen.

  1. It’s basically just a vanity project meant to steal some of the thunder of Ferrari’s announcement today.

  2. I find this car hideously grotesque. And I say this as someone who perpetually had a Countach poster above my bed as a child. I suppose it’s a timing problem.

    1. I think that’s it. There’s nothing about this car that strikes me as any uglier than the design features of previous Lamborghinis, but the car you dreamed of owning when you were 10 will always be the pinnacle of automotive design. (Also, the bands that you listened to around the time you first got laid will always be the pinnacle of popular music.)

      1. The cars I think are beautiful were actually built while I was still in diapers.

        Ferrari 330P4, Cobra Daytona Coupe, Jaguar XKE, Lamborghini Miura.

        The classic Coke bottle profile, back when it was called “streamlining” not “aerodynamics” and the cars were usually prettier than the boxes they came in.

    2.  I’m with James May of Top Gear: Lambo make beautiful posters, shame about the cars.

  3. Attn: pre-order customers:
    Please pick up your cars at the warehouse filled with guillotines. Pay no attention to the guillotines.

  4. So… they’ve hired Frank Gehry or is that the result of some crazy industrial-accident?

    No, no, I got it. This was design by committee. A committee of 8 year old boys that is.

    (Dog, what an eye-sore.)

      1. Such as say the Essence. Yeah, I could get down with that. But typically the rest of the line-up is as boring as this thing is hideous.

  5. It’s probably the ugliest sports car that I have ever seen. 
    And I don’t just say that as somebody who grew up in Stuttgart learning early in life about the fact that the ultimate sports car ever designed was the original Porsche 911 Carrera ….
    Jaguar E-type? Sod off ye Brits!

    1. From the looks on women’s faces in the videos I’ve seen, that’s not necessarily something to brag about.

  6. Designed to appeal to those who think The Dark Avenger was (a) the best version of Batman ever, and (b) a version of Batman at all. (I don’t actually dislike the character or the brutalist style, I just think calling the new character Batman was not good for either.)

    1. Hell yes! If anything, we can draw conclusions about what this car “means,” without projecting our own biases and insecurities onto the topic. Cars are special that way.

  7. How does this differ from Bugatti’s practice of running off bespoke copies of its Veyrons? It’s just an Aventador wrapped in a fancy body.

  8. It kind of proves the point of gross wealth inequality when companies have to come up with more imaginative ways for the hyperrich to spend their money.

  9. aerodynamic catastrophe? check. looks like a toy transformer? check. $10,000 led strips? check. incredibly irritating HID headlights? check. SIGN ME UP.

  10. Something (tangentially) related that kind of blew my mind when I heard it: a set of the bespoke Michelin tires for the Bugatti Veyron costs $42,000 and might last 10,000 miles if you baby them, and quite literally last only 15 minutes at the car’s top speed. I don’t know if the Lambo’s tires are equivalent, but it reminds me of the sheer maintenance costs of upper echelon consumption, like the multimillion-dollar mansions with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of monthly staff and cleaning costs.

    That said, I like the looks of this mechanical object more than the Pagani Huayra, with its weird mirrors-on-stalks and odd crouching lines. And if I had $100 million…I’d probably buy a really nice Honda. Never been much of a transportation as status person. (Clothes, now…I’d go nuts, but only because bespoke suits are fantastic for someone with a wobbly shape like mine.)

  11. The beautiful thing about this automobile is that it comes with a passenger side bag dispenser…  So if you ever have to hitch a ride with one of your narcissistic, garish friends, you can slip a bag over your head and ride anonymously….  

  12. Careful walking around the front bumper or you might slice open your ankle.  Is it just me or would this car fit nicely into Death Race 2000?

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