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7 Responses to “Vortex smoke rings created with 3D printed wings”

  1. theophrastvs says:

    they would’ve told us if a Möbius strip hydrofoil opened a door to another dimension, wouldn’t they?

  2. annomination says:

    Vortex knots exist in optical speckle, and this has been known for quite some time. There is a paper with a sweet title that describes this called “The Fractality of Lights Darkness.” This bubble-hydrofoil video is a classic case of academics over-hyping a cool looking experiment. They should be less loose with statements like “first time a vortex knot has been realized.”
    http://www.phy.bristol.ac.uk/people/dennis_mr/papers/PRL100_053902.pdfd for those of you too lazy to google it.

  3. oasisob1 says:

    I so totally wish Flaming Pear Software would update this:

    I never learned one thing about knots except that they were crazy fun to design and color.

  4. Smokeless cigarettes just got some cred back…as long as they can pull 100G and do (micrograph, I suppose) streak photography. The open question: How will this help us tell kitchen and makerspace entrances apart?