CIA Canoe Tours & Strip-chess in Karachi: JOHN WILCOCK's Life-changing 1959 World Trip

An early opportunity in the 1950's to visit the New York Times' press bureau in Hong Kong sends John Wilcock on his first trip around the world.

From an ongoing interview and biography of John Wilcock, a prolific editor and publisher of 1960's underground newspapers.

Read The New York Times' appreciation of John's travel writing: "A Budget Travel Pioneer in a Time When $5 a Day Was Real (Frugal) Money" by Seth Kugel (Frugal Traveler)


1) The New York Times also remembers the work of Peggy Durdin.

2) A developing Wikipedia article on Mrs. Durdin's husband, F. Tillman Durdin.

3) The Internet claims to have the Official Rules of "Strip Chess" - also known as the Piece for Piece system.

4) Though subject to change, Wikipedia once again provides the best details of a given individual, this time on the life and disappearance of Jim Thompson.

5) Lastly, Asia For Educators indicates the difficulties of visiting China, or even "observing" the country, as John attempted, around 1960.