BoomCase suitcase speakers/amp


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  1. eldritch says:

    Now, when they say it “runs on batteries”, do they mean “drugstore-brandname-everyday-item batteries”, or do they mean like hobby store style larger batteries? Because sound quality will be quite different, depending.

  2. Dave Pease says:

    believe the douchebag du jour term is “bespoke”

  3. Jay Smith says:

    JukeCase in Melbourne make very similar products. No idea who was first!

    Full gallery of models here:


    Here Make Magazine and I show you how to make one for yourself in a cigar box.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Where have you been for the last six weeks?

      • ROSSINDETROIT says:

        Hi, Antinous.  I’ve been in Germany, Mexico, Alabama, Missouri, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee and I forget where else.  I’m a Field Service Engineer for an industrial laser company now and I spend a lot of time on the road.  So I lurk.


    I like the idea of repurposing a vintage suitcase for this.  From a practical standpoint you HAVE to have a grille covering the drivers.  They’re too vulnerable hanging off the front there with their fragile cones exposed.  One poke and the speaker is junk.  I like speaker grilles made with cane material like that used to repair the seats of chairs.  It has an organic, retro look.

    • David Pescovitz says:

      I have a pair of killer 1970s speakers with that cane grill cloth. Love it so much. And you’re right, that would look great on some of these old bags too.

      • ROSSINDETROIT says:

        Rockler Hardware woodworking store sells the stuff by the square foot for restorations.  I used it for one of the prototypes for the Monobox powered speakers.  They told me you can you can dye it brown by soaking it in strong black tea.  I tried it and it works.

  6. SedanChair says:

    er, artisanal

    Message received

  7. magneticwheels says:

    since i have a small child, all i can think of is the intro to “yo gabba gabba.”

  8. Pekar says:

    I believe Floyd Davis of Artpentry was first to market with this concept.
    there are numerous manufactories sprung up now.

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