BoomCase suitcase speakers/amp


BoomCase transforms classic old luggage (and lunch boxes) into one-of-a-kind, er, artisanal amps/speakers that run on batteries and accept any audio input. The BoomCase (Thanks, Patrick!)


  1. Now, when they say it “runs on batteries”, do they mean “drugstore-brandname-everyday-item batteries”, or do they mean like hobby store style larger batteries? Because sound quality will be quite different, depending.

      1. Hi, Antinous.  I’ve been in Germany, Mexico, Alabama, Missouri, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee and I forget where else.  I’m a Field Service Engineer for an industrial laser company now and I spend a lot of time on the road.  So I lurk.

  2. I like the idea of repurposing a vintage suitcase for this.  From a practical standpoint you HAVE to have a grille covering the drivers.  They’re too vulnerable hanging off the front there with their fragile cones exposed.  One poke and the speaker is junk.  I like speaker grilles made with cane material like that used to repair the seats of chairs.  It has an organic, retro look.

    1. I have a pair of killer 1970s speakers with that cane grill cloth. Love it so much. And you’re right, that would look great on some of these old bags too.

      1. Rockler Hardware woodworking store sells the stuff by the square foot for restorations.  I used it for one of the prototypes for the Monobox powered speakers.  They told me you can you can dye it brown by soaking it in strong black tea.  I tried it and it works.

  3. I believe Floyd Davis of Artpentry was first to market with this concept.
    there are numerous manufactories sprung up now.

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