Amazing LEGO insects and arthropods


NewImageSean and Steph Mayo created an exquisite series of LEGO bugs for the "Creepy Crawly" category in the 2013 MocAthalon building competition. See them all in this Flickr set. (Thanks, Jake Dunagan!)


  1. When does it cross the line from “LEGO” to just a snap-together model? It seems like the pieces that comprise these kinds of thing bear very little resemblance to a LEGO.

    1. What do you mean? Every piece in that mantis is a legit lego piece. Yes, lego has a lot more “special purpose” bricks than they did 30 years ago,  but this has also opened new avenues for creativity and problem solving.

      It’s just a lump of plastic. Any issues with finding creative uses for it is a user problem, not a toy problem.

  2. David, this has been jumping up and down my feedreader for days now. But YOU posted the first reblog with the correct notion: arthropods. Not only insects. This has been really bugging me. Thank you!

  3. And which aisle of the toy store will these be stocked in? The regular aisle, or the pink ghetto?

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