Sponsor shout-out: ShanaLogic and leather cuffs

Marty cuff replace 03 12 Thank you to our sponsor ShanaLogic, sellers of handmade and independently-designed jewelry, apparel, gifts, and other curious creations! Now available are these stylish Thin Leather Cuffs made from soft leather and sturdy metal loops and buckles. Available in three sizes for men and women! Shana says: Enter the code BOING to receive 10% off this handcrafted cuff! ShanaLogic


      1. +1 on the D-rings. They look really nice but I can’t see what use they are without rings?
        I mean, there’s a market here.

  1. The intro paragraph should read 10% OFF not 10% Of …otherwise you will only send me 10% of one for full price and that won’t stay on my wrist!

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