Daft Punk's new album due out May 21


NewImageDaft Punk's new album Random Access Memories has an official release date of May 21. Continuing the tease, the band released 15 seconds of music as the above TV spot on Saturday night. This follows the previous TV ad heard on March 2. Chic's Nile Rodgers confirmed to Rolling Stone magazine that it is indeed his funky guitar you're hearing. Perfect. Daft Punk: Random Access Memories (Amazon)


  1. Just read this via Reddit about the touring gear various EDM artists use:  http://deejers.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/how-the-pros-play-live/

    Daft Punk:  

    * Computer: “custom super-computers” – this is how Daft Punk describes it, although they have been seen performing with 4 MacBook Pros in front of them (presumably a main computer and a backup for each person). However, it wouldn’t seem too farfetched for a large electronic act to invest in custom hardware and software.

    * Software: Ableton Live

    * Controllers: 2 Behringer BCR2000 MIDI Controllers, 2 JazzMutant Lemur Touchscreen Controllers

    * Other: 4 Minimoog Voyagers

    Of note (to me, anyway):  The Behringer controllers – wonderful boxes of knobs.  And 4(!!) Minimoog Voyagers.  That’s impressive.

  2. Eager to hear the new album…sounds like Zapp & Roger as Werther deGoethe mentioned… also a bit like Chromeo. 

    I’d like more than a 15 second preview…oh I guess I can wait.

      1. Maybe I’m unable to experience the soundtrack independent of the movie. *shrug*  

        I thought the movie was absolute shit.  It’s amazing that so much effort was spent perfecting the visual aesthetic while the screenplay could’ve been cranked out over a weekend by a couple of talentless neckbeards between hits of amyl and Felicity trivia contests.

  3. 1) If you don’t like Daft Punk then why did you even bother clicking on this?

    2) If you don’t like Daft Punk because you think your underground wub-step whatever is much more contemporary then just go eat a steaming turd. Since their debut other artists have repeatedly tried and failed to replicate Daft Punk’s style because they have something that speaks to people outside those who enjoy dance music. We don’t care what you like listening to… it probably sucks shit anyway.

    3) For anyone keen on getting this delicious treat it will be online on the 17th (official Aus release date)- if not before thanks to the unbridled awesomeness of leaking.

    ENDIF: Goody! Will your next comment also be comprised primarily of words others have used before you? Remix and recontextualisation are legitimate forms of creation, especially when the end result is something so many people enjoy.

      1. Its okay dude it was directed at those who blew in here to do nothing but pan Daft Punk outright. I agree with your assertion above that the screenplay for tron legacy was pretty empty, but I feel that this was actually pretty true to the original and the disappointment many experienced was a result of the intense build-up the movie had.

        Go watch the original… The story and script is fucking stupid, but we still love it because it reminds us of the past and future of video games. It blew peoples minds as to what might be possible while providing a context and story that made vague sense. I feel that tron legacy was an effort to recreate those aspects of the original and I feel they did a pretty good job of making it to be a fairly honest homage to the original.

        Tron was never and could never be a LOTR and I think that’s what a lot of people were expecting of it.

        1. I wasn’t expecting Shakespeare, nor the Spanish Inquisition, but it didn’t even achieve mediocre.

          And yes, Tron 1.0 was hokey, but it didn’t take itself seriously.  Legacy was dishing out gravitas and heavy-handed morality left and right.

          Tron 2.0 = ZOMG GENOCIDE!  OMFG EVIL!  WTF deep feelings etc etc

          Tron 1.0 = Hey look, we’re living in a video game, not Eastern Europe in the 30s.

    1. Yes, they are.  And they should be labeled as such.  When I do a remix, I call it a remix, I don’t put on my magic space helmet and declare it a new album of my own work.  

      Daft Punk are amazing DJs and remixers.  I just wish they would make more of their own original work.  That’s one of the things I value, originality.  

      Sorry if that’s confusing for you, but then with popular culture in the hands of a generation raised on participation medals and Lady GaGa, that confusion shouldn’t be surprising.

      1. That’s one of the things I value, originality.

        That’s nice for you. Did you stop to think that what you consider to be “originality” might differ from others. As I’ve already pointed out, whatever it is that Daft Punk do people like it. After they put their touch on a track it has a signature polish that is instantly recognisable as theirs. If that is not originality then I don’t know what is. Go watch the ‘everything is a remix’ series for a compelling history of reuse and remix.


        Love the irrelevant dismissal at the end of your comment. I don’t know what lady gaga has to do with me, daft punk, or anything but its adorable that you went to the trouble of carefully capitalising her name.

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