Internet apocalypse? In the next bag o' chips


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  1. LogrusZed says:

    I am suspicious, and was prior to this post, about the actual impact of the reported DDOS. I stream pretty much all of my entertainment from a number of servers and my ability to buffer quickly is the most visible indicator of some massive issue (in the past I’ve had issues, then go on to read of a fiber trunk being severed, or a DDOS, etc) or simply high-traffic days, like weekends. Despite it being spring-break for many people (thus weekend-like demand) I haven’t had any issues streaming lately.

  2. SamSam says:

    The thing that probably made it most credible is that if you suggest to anyone that there’s been an ongoing internet-wide attack slowing down the web lately, probably 90% of people would say “why yes, I think the web has been quite slow today.”

    It’s probably some variation of those personality statements that everyone agrees with. “Why yes, I do often feel like people don’t understand me. How did you know?”

    • You know, I have noticed my computer running slowly.  God bless you, Windows Technician Robert.  How can I remove these Internet viruses?

      • Andrew Singleton says:

        go to my fast pc’s website to download their free* software!

        *Does not actually do anything you couldn’t do yourself and is liable to introduce malware to bring your pc into their botnet.

    • I am often convinced that my connection is much slower than usual some days, but when I actually measure it the feeling turns out to be wrong the vast majority of the time. I suspect the difference is in me–my patience level or the like. But I do know that my perception of the “speed of the internet today” is not a good measure of any actual throughput. I also suspect this is true for most people. 

  3. AndreaOnBB says:

    Needs a correction: That’s CloudFlare, not Cloudfront

  4. Marc45 says:

    I was noticing a slowdown at certain internet sites right around the time the DDOS was happening.  I even mentioned it to my IT guy at work.  This was before I read the stories.
    While I don’t have proof this was related, it seems coincidental.
    It really sucks when your favorite porn site isn’t…ahem…responding.

  5. Heevee Lister says:

    Stuff like this is great fodder for people who’d like to see more laws regulating the net.  

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