Toronto Public Library's Fahrenheit 451-themed alternate reality game

Jim Munroe sez, "We've just launched KTR 451, a game I developed for the Toronto Public Library. Drawing on the themes and characters in Fahrenheit 451 (the TPL's One Book this year), it's a simple alternate reality game -- part scavenger hunt, part audio drama -- and people in Toronto can play it by calling (647) 931-1585. There's three missions, one per week, until a live event on April 22nd."

If Jim's name sounds familiar, that's because he's behind the Ghosts With Shit Jobs movie, as well as co-producing the controversial oil pipeline game.

Take Your Seashells Out of Your Ears!


  1. That’s very cool.  F451 is the book for the Big Read in San Diego this month too.  I was at an event yesterday for the kickoff and there were some amazing student submissions to their contest.

  2. Is that the same Jim Munroe that wrote Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask? Because that book was great.

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