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  1. Drabula says:

    A sad passing. Omni was not only one of the last print mags to allot generous space to panel cartoonists but it (obviously) was a great place for geeky/left-field cartoonists. How many print mags other than the impenetrable New Yorker feature panel cartoons these days?

  2. Restless says:

    Seriously, grab it while you can.  I got all of Polyhedron when it was at the Internet Archive, but a lot of the other gaming magazines have been taken down.  I’m running a job to download this right now.  Omni was a big influence in corrupting my young mind when I was young.

  3. Tom Tjarks says:

    I’m gonna have to go peruse this.  I read a lot of great short fiction in Omni as a kid/teen (my School District carried it in all the libraries.)

  4. saint_al says:

    Orson Scott Card got his 1st story sold here. Damned fine big break. 

  5. niktemadur says:

    Time to revisit the old “Continuum” and “Antimatter” sections, the original Uncle John’s Reader in my book.

    Oh shit – “The Internet Archive’s sites are offline for scheduled maintenance and upgrades.”  I ain’t going nowhere until all those PDFs are in my greedy little hands.

  6. carlogesualdodivenosa says:

    Dang, offline for maintenance.  Omni was the last magazine of my youth whose every issue was a breathlessly-awaited event.

  7. Dave X says:

     Can’t wait to read these. Omni was inspiring about as often as it was nightmare fuel for me as a child. So many weird, life-changing moments in those pages!

  8. When I was in 8th grade I was sitting quietly on a bench reading OMNI when a coach literally (and I do mean literally) grabbed me by the ear and started dragging me to the office looking angry as hell. He must have seen how baffled I was because he stopped and asked me what I thought I was doing bringing THAT magazine to junior high. When I showed him the cover HE got confused and mumbled that he thought I was reading OUI magazine. Which was an entirely different thing.

  9. Preston Sturges says:

    10 years before that I enjoyed the original small format (8*x5″) “Science Digest” magazines

  10. Chesterfield says:

    I built my first robot because of OMNI. I just Googled for it and found it here:

    FWIW, it worked exactly as described in the article.

  11. pjcamp says:

    No, but put a banana in the eagle’s talons and you’ve nailed it.

  12. niktemadur says:

    The August 1982 PDF download seems to be stuck for me, anyone else having issues with this one?

  13. I remember in junior high this was my favorite magazine.  But I felt compelled to drop it in protest when Bob Guccione’s, um, OTHER magazine, ran nude pictures of Miss America.

    • Preston Sturges says:

      I think that same issue also had photo of Tracie Lords, who was later found to only be 15 years old, so technically having that issue is a crime. 

  14. rvernon says:

    Awwww!  What a blast from the past!  my FAVORITE!   What happened to it?  Why did it go away?  Reminds me of my other favorite mag BYTE.  BYTE was awesome in the late 70′s/80′s.  

  15. John Neumann says:

    Praise FSM! FINALLY! I found the first 3 issues of OMNI in a neighbors trash can (I was a suburban scrounger) in ’79 or ’80? I admit, my first thought was I scored a stack of Penthouse, but OMNI turned out to be much, much better (yes, I am aware that the publishers were one and the same).

    Kept an ongoing subscription for many years. I loved its articles on future tech and gadgets and only dreamed that such stuff would come true. Now? Those things cost 99 cents and I install them on my tricorder (ermm, iPhone) all the time. 

    I miss you OMNI!

  16. geeks says:

    Based on the date of their contest on how to use nitinol, I now realize I had a subscription to Omni at 12. That may explain a lot, or might be a chicken and the egg scenario…

  17. Anton Gully says:

    I’ve got about 75% of them sitting in cardboard boxes in my office right now that I rescued from the family loft before the house was demolished. I flipped over these mags when I was late teens. Genuinely couldn’t believe there was a magazine that served all my proto-geeky needs at the time. When they stopped publication it was a black day for me.

    So… how do you get that horrible musty smell out of old magazines anyway?

  18. I was a very early subscriber – maybe even issue 1. By rights my sensitive teenage mind should never have recovered from the shock if it, but I think I actually found most of it weirdly incomprehensible, although with some good stuff in between. I was also an early subscriber to 2000 A.D. It’s amazing I turned out to be such as boringly conventional adult.

  19. RCDavis says:

    I have the full set from issue one sitting in a box on my workbench.  If someone would like the dead tree version, send me an email

  20. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I mostly remember OMNI for the quizzes and puzzles.  That’s where I learned to convert F to C in my head.

  21. Dan Wedin says:

    I love Omni.  We recently put some our collection online to sell.  We only have a handful of Science mags online so far and have hundreds more to eventually post.  Here are a few:

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