FBI releases surveillance video of bombing suspects

Most assuredly not the men that The New York Post insinuated were suspects today—those guys are almost certainly innocent. Boston Police: "Do you know these individuals? Contact boston@ic.fbi.gov or 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324)" [Video Link]

UPDATE: One Boston bombing suspect dead after shootout; younger brother on the run


        1. I thought two went off and a third was disarmed.

          Edit: Hrm, just more poor reporting. Hard to separate what actually happened vs. what was reported.

      1.  The FBI seems to be focusing on the two men but you made an interesting observation re: there’s a woman a few steps behind them, going in the same direction, and she has a loaded backpack on, as well.

        1. Interesting they blurred out the guy in blue who comes first, but not the woman.  Maybe she is “of interest.”

        2. The woman in yellow (if that’s who you’re talking about) doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the men. She’s walking at a different pace and in the last angle you can see she’s crossed the road whereas the guys haven’t.

          That and, as you said, the FBI are only interested in the two men.

          1.  I don’t see her crossing the road in the video above.It just ends with her still in the frame. Reddit has lots of interesting photos and even a story about a missing Brown University student who closely resembles the man in the white hat, for what it’s worth.

          2.  teapot, DISQUS says it can’t open file but they’re working on it. Go to reddit and hit the comments under Photos of 2 suspects in Boston. Not quite halfway down iSmokeEBTweed has a link to his story from a Boston news station.

          3.  teapot, read my comment just below my original one. There was no reply button to yours. I still don’t see the woman crossing the road, though. She’s always behind the guys and the balloon seller.

    1. I think they’re singling out black hat/khaki pants guy, and white hat/khaki backpack guy. The video seemed to feature them, and they moved like they were together. At least that’s my impression.

      Edit: I sure would be more comfortable with a visual actually showing them placing the backpacks. I hope this is legit info from the FBI.

      1. White hat guy’s gait is markedly different from everyone else walking through the frame.  Everyone else is walking with the mummified stiffness that’s normal in Boston, whereas he’s got quite a swagger.

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        1.  For the love of god… don’t link to Fox “News” here.  Especially when the link is disguised. 

          1.  How is it not the same thing?  Fox is fox, untustworthy and generally crappy.  If I’m wrong tell me how.  ?

          2.  @boingboing-85fc1189e46c7278b2aeb7008506a6f2:disqus The difference is that fox pays them for local content, meaning that they’re not under the influence of fox directly. I’m sure if they start doing stories that don’t gel with fox’s world view then they wont long be an affiliate, but there is a difference.

          3. I thought a screen shot from whatever News channel was better than the original picture in which you can see victims, sorry about that. 

          4.  No, it’s fine.  I just have a bad feeling about anything that has Rupert Murdoch or Fox News attached to it.  We are all just trying to figure this out.  :)

          5. Fox News and the Fox Network have separate management, plus local affiliates to the Network have yet another degree of separation. The poison that you know as Fox News is more the doing of Roger Ailes than Rupert Murdoch, who at any rate has nothing to do with the news stations of local affiliates besides a name and some small amount of money changing hands. In other words, Fox is NOT Fox.

            This is in answer to your second question, which I cannot reply to because of the nesting nonsense.

          6. Fox News is NOT the same as a Fox affiliate.

            You know the Simpsons?  That show that makes fun of conservatives and all religions? That’s created by the Fox Broadcasting Company.

            Not all Foxes are the same.

    1. I guess it’s better than nothing.  Maybe they’re  also hoping that people will check their phone’s photos  or video for these guys based on that rough appearance and will be able to submit better, clearer images. 

    2. That is true. However, if someone actually knew one or both of these guys, it is likely that they would recognize them. If these guys spot themselves in these pictures and they are the bombers, it is likely that they will flee their current location, giving law enforcement even more evidence of guilt. If these guys are the bombers, the best hope of getting away is if they are from another country and have already left the US. Hopefully the real bombers will be found, sending a message to would be terrorists that there is nothing to gain and everything to lose in an act of senseless violence such as the Boston bombing.

    1. What makes you think they look like drug dealers? I could barely detect basic features, you could spot what line of work they are in…Fascinating. 

      1. Not sure how you can be sure with such poor video quality. They look very ambiguous to me. Could be white or any number of brown ethnicities. Most importantly, they could just be two innocent guys at this point.

          1.  Ha!  Fashion Assault, para 3 section 5 Criminal Code of Visual Outward Appearance Violations

          2. Adult male humans in Boston wear what I can only describe as shorty pajama suits printed to look like baseball uniforms. Outside. Where people can see them.

    1. If you live in LA and are black , I would highly recommend not going outside.  Based upon this video, I am sure that LAPD is about to go on a warpath.

    2. Good lord.  You can be “black” in the US and be paler than “white” people of  Southern European origin. It’s not a good idea to use those words in reference to visual ID and suppositions about national origin.

      1.  This!  Also, 100 years ago, these two swarthy scofflaws would have been at the front of racial profiling, given the threat to the US from Eastern European anarchists and Luddites.

        Hell, 30 years ago, they’d have been suspected communists recruited by the Soviets.

  1. Dang. Sure are a lot of backpack/dufflebag sporting people in those clips. Most of them appear to be light-skinned women, so I will assume that’s who the FBI wants me to monitor.

    1. I’ve recently started carrying as often as possible a large-ish backpack with – depending how I’m feeling – one or two 5kg bags of rice in it as part of a PT programme. I am *so* glad I don’t live in the US.

      1. Ok, you stumped me.  I can’t think of a musculoskeletal problem that an extra 10 to 20 lbs. on your shoulders is going to make less of a problem.  Unless it’s normally your habit to carry 20kg of rice, and your PT has talked you down to 10.  

          1. Sure, if you boiled it to a paste, made fine rice noodles, then wove them into a brace.  Though if it rained or if you got sweaty, it’d likely be less supportive.  

          2.  Ooh ooh, Mr. Kotter! I know what that is!!!!  Much less common than your ordinary lordosis, though. 

        1. PT is physical training, not physio therapist (or however else it might be interpreted :) )

          The rice is just for weight, and carrying it often has two benefits. 1) I move faster when I’m not carrying the weight, sort of like training at high altitude then coming down to sea level. 2) when I do need to carry the weight it isn’t a surprise.

  2. I thought they were supposed to have 6-quart pressure cookers. Those things are giant. Those backpacks don’t look big enough to me.

    1. a gallon and a half isn’t that big.. on it’s side with the handle facing up.. toss some padding around it to flesh out the pack.. it would totally fit in there.

      1.  I was just going to say. 1.5 gallons is a medium-sized sauce pan. I don’t have a backpack in the house that can’t carry one of those.

    1. As soon as I saw the Post’s pictures I was suspicious for two reasons: they were “obviously” arabic; their heads were completely obvious and uncovered and identifiable.

      (Wait- when I say suspicious, I mean suspicious that the Post was wrong, not that the two men were culpable.)

    1. that’s the guy all right, same colors in the clothing, same hat with the logo on the left side, white and backwards. thing is, the way he’s got the backpack slung to his side, you can’t see if he’s still got it in this photo. pity.

  3. “I wear Eddie Bauers and a v-neck to the gym because I’m laid back.” “And I rock a backwards baseball cap and the JTT-era scoliosis-sling because I’m cool, but rude.” “And together we’re…nonchalant!” Yup, almost didn’t see you there. These guys are either extremely guilty of something, or really insecure in the 90’s.

  4. Bloomberg is reporting that the man in the wheelchair pic (with his legs blown off) Jeff Bauman, ID’d the white hat guy.  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-19/boston-bombing-victim-in-iconic-photo-helped-identify-attackers.html

        1. Okay. Thank you. That’s…less than a mile from my house. That’s actually in the neighborhood where my wife and I have been looking to buy a new house. Cripes.

          1. Stay safe. That video stream looks like your local NBC affiliate WHDH… their truck is inside the taped off area and it looks like they are still looking for another suspect in the vicinity.

  5. Not sure if this post is going to be seen way down here, but here goes…

    Okay, we’re probably going to see an update post on Friday morning about the suspects being captured. There’s going to be a lot of talk about how it went down, etc.

    However, one of the things that had come to mind as I lay awake in bed early this morning — is how over the last few days, my attitude about CCTV has shifted *dramatically*. Essentially, I came here instead of rolling over to go back to sleep so that I could say this. That’s when I saw the breaking news about the manhunt.

    I don’t know…perhaps I could live with CCTV in certain areas of my city. The main public areas, the main arteries, etc if this kind of outcome (success?) is what results from it. Of course, not in my house, not in my internet, nor in my yard…but…out where the people gather? I think I could live with that.

    Rob…guys…perhaps you should have a separate post tomorrow specifically for BB readers to discuss their opinions of how they perceive CCTV after an event like we had in Boston on Monday?

    Just thinkin’. Okay, back to bed now.

    1. I spent several years working security in an office/shopping development that had over 150 security cameras.  In that time I personally caught several thefts while watching the monitors.  One was a private security guard inside the Apple store, there to make sure the night cleaning crew didn’t steal anything; I watched him take a break, go to his car in the parking garage, and pull Apple products out of his shirt and put them in the trunk.  The second was when one of the housekeeping employees used his trash-grabbing tool to reach inside a parked car’s open window and take items from the back seat.

      There was also a pretty-well-planned smash-and-grab about 2:00 AM one night at the same Apple store, when half a dozen guys jumped out of a car,  smashed in the glass front door, ran in and grabbed everything they could, then back out into their car and off the property, all in about a minute and a half. But because we had so many cameras, the guy on monitor duty that night was calling 911 almost as soon as they hit the glass door, and we had video from about half a dozen cameras in all, and were able to give police good enough a description of the vehicle that half the gang was caught and arrsted within a couple of hours.

      The cameras also caught multiple incidents of unruly behavior, slip-and-falls, water leaks, and, memorably, the couple drinking at one of the bars who decided the trunk-lid of a car in the parking garage would be a great place to have sex.

      When they first installed the cameras, I thought the number was excessive.  And the vast, vast majority of recorded footage was innocuous.  But… when we needed video coverage, we -had- it.

      I still regard myself as pro-privacy.  But I’m a lot iffier about a “right to privacy” when you’re in a public place.

  6. How much trouble am I going to get in for pointing out that it’s “implied”? They attempt to make us insinuate by their implications.

  7. It seems as if the suspects are both Chechan, and one of them was a devout Muslim. Both were naturalized as citizens a few years ago.  Boston is in lockdown.

    I hope they catch the second suspect soon. My stepsis, her hubby, and 3 kids are in a car back to Boston now from NYC; hope they have the radio on.

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