Vrillon Transmission: 1977 pirate TV message from space alien

Over at the Daily Grail, a post pointing out the similarity between a Man Of Steel viral video and the utterly fantastic "Vrillon Transmission" of November 26, 1977, when a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command hijacked a UK television transmitter during the nightly news to share the above message from our space brothers and sisters. I'm not sure why people say that the source of this pirate transmission has never been identified when he clearly says that his name is Vrillon.

"General Zod & the Ashtar Command"


  1. I love the part about having the expertise to hijack a TV transmission—

    Because “Lenny and Squiggy” did it in Used Cars. Man that was funny. “If I can build and install a pacemaker in this man’s chest”

  2. Prepare for the dawning of the age of aquarius?  Great.  That’s exactly what freaked everyone out in 1977…space hippies.  
    “If you refuse we will be forced to scandalize you by showing you our space boobies then tripping out on moon acid and psychedelic music.”

    “All your space are belong to us.”

  3. Vrillon?  That guy?  I remember him from Ashtar Galactic Command Academy – always pulling stunts like that.  Interstellar prank calls, mutilating random large herbivores, abducting backwater yokels and molesting them…Hadn’t thought about him for years!  He washed out of Academy – I thinks he’s a Frith Gas broker over on Nubulon 6 now..

  4. I recognize that voice, that’s Michael Moorcock in his Hawkwind days. “These are the first signs of sonic attack: You will notice small objects – such as ornaments – oscillating. You will notice vibrations in your diaphragm. You will hear a distand hissing in your ears. You will feel the need to vomit…”

  5. WHY was I not informed of this? I am going to have to have words with my mother. I KNEW there was a reason I needed to stay up late when I was a child. Man, I feel so fucking cheated…

  6. I remember this well and will never forgive Vrillon for doing it. You can hear at the very beginning that his broadcast interrupts the news just as the newsreader is about to give an update on progress in the cricket Test Match between England and Australia! It beggars belief that any ‘advanced’ civilisation would have the stupidity to meddle with a cricket match! 
    Jolly poor show, Vrillon, jolly poor show! 

    Damned aliens!

  7. while yall are laughing at the admittedly groovy and laughable weirdness of this long lost cultural gem of UFO lore, real stories on UFOs and ET visitation persist and are ignored by the bias so ingrained on boingboing and in nerd and science-enthusiast culture. I am in good company when I say UFO’s are real and probably the most important subject facing our species. Who else am I in company with? A short list woud include multiple NASA astronauts, Military insiders, radar technicians, scientists and Politicians such as the former heads of defense for the UK and Canada and the former CIA director Roscoe Hillenkoetter.

     I await everyone ignoring these facts and making half-ass jokes about former CIA director being named “Roscoe” -the implication that only redneck hillbillies see UFOs –  in 5…4…3….2….

  8. Oh we believe in UFOs. It’s just the conclusion that they are space aliens, that’s a bit problematic. “It’s not a, b, or c … therefore it must be x”.  What about d to w. And don’t forget y and z.

    And anyway, if you already identify them, then they are no longer UFOs are they? They’ll be more like IFOs.

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