Juggler for Jesus selling dad's huge fossil collection


David Cain of Middletown, Ohio is selling off his late father's massive collection of fossils that takes up several rooms in an unmarked storefront. Cain says the most valuable items are 200 megalodon teeth, and a dozen dinosaur egg nests. He'd like to get around $250,000 for the whole lot. The challenge, says Dale Gnidovec, collection manager at Ohio State University's Orton Geological Museum who checked out a video of the collection, is that what he saw is "readily available at any large fossil shop and many of them have been ‘enhanced’ by the craftsman. It is also very depressing to see so many fossils that have been stripped of their scientific value by not having exact locality and geologic information.” Interestingly, Cain is selling the fossils so he can grow his own collection of historical juggling props. It's apparently the third-largest in the world. Cain is a professional juggler whose act is called "Juggler for Jesus."

"Juggler has hands full with dad's fossil collection" (Cincinnati.com, thanks, Charles Pescovitz!)


  1. A title on BoingBoing in 20 years from now “Man selling dad’s huge collection of historical juggling props to create own collection of …”

  2. “Enhancers”? Lack of information of the pieces? All I can do regarding this collection is echo Mr. Gnidovec’s disappointment regarding the collection and repeat the wise words of a famous archeologist:

    “That belongs in a museum!”

    1.  Yeah, I even hope he’d open a museum for the juggling stuff if he’s able to sell off his dad’s things.

      Not my favorite people, the ones who buy rare objects and proceed to hide them away from the world.

    2. With a name like “Juggler for Jesus” I doubt he is too upset over the lack of time and context for the fossils.  After all, they are all only a few thousands years old (back to Noah’s flood).

      1. If I believed in the bodily resurrection of the dead, though, I’d be pretty nervous about having large supplies of dinosaur corpses on hand…

  3. Alas, the seller seems to be a reasonable guy. I was hoping for “young-earth creationist having to provide certificate of authenticity for fossils” giggles.

    1. Oh, wait. http://www.christianjuggler.com, click on the program info tab, then read Statement of Belief item #1.

      Oh yeah….that’s the stuff.

      1. I disagree. He conspicuously omits the word “literal”. This is not necessarily the stuff.

        1. I was taking “without error in the original writings” to mean literally true (since words mean things), though that might be wrong. I am also deducting 10 “reasonable guy” points for James Dobson endorsement and mentioning that he ministers with Focus On The Family.

          1. I’m with you on the Dobson/FOTF thing. But I think you’re misinterpreting “without error in the original writings”. The “original” part I believe signals that he accepts that the Bible as we know it today may be flat-out wrong in parts — specifically, the parts that have been changed/mistranslated over the centuries. So that’s a liberal concession, compared to someone who insists that the words as we have them now, in English, are “without error”. And I think all sides would agree that words usually mean things, but I think all sides also recognize that that meaning is sometimes metaphorical. And I think most debate within Evangelical Christianity about the truth of the Bible hinges not on whether the original Bible had errors, but on whether its truth is literal or figurative. That’s why I suspect that if he took the Bible entirely literally, he would have been sure to say so.

  4. Stay tuned for the Juggalo for Jesus. New minister, bringing a case of Faygo… and a message.
    Seriously, fossils w/o geographic info are mere curios. $250,000, my @$$.

    1.  Yes, but to a creationist they *are* mere curios – geology is meaningless to someone who believes everything was just put there on a deity’s whim.

  5. The guy wants to sell his dead dad’s collection of stuff he had little to do with and buy other stuff that we don’t agree with! Boy, what a jerk!

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