Suburban Express bus-line sends bullying, cowardly legal threat to Reddit, discovers Streisand Effect


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  1. Xof says:

    I am really curious what strange isolation bubble certain business-owners live in, in which this kind of thing is considered a good idea. It never is, and yet, they keep popping up. If I felt my business was being unfairly accused (and it appears these accusations are entirely justified, anyway), I’d mount a vigorous defense, but this kind of thing is insanely idiotic.

    • anon0mouse says:

      You must be young.  There was a time not that long ago where this kind of crap was rampant (it actually still is) but it’s only when these douchebags decide to bring their $#!T to the internet that they discover they are ridiculously outgunned.  Like all bullies, they are only powerful when isolated to their little corner of nowhere.  I’m glad that we are coming to an age where these sorry SOBs are getting called out and shut down. Yay, interwebs!

      • Boundegar says:

        I dunno about rampant.  Most small businesses I encounter are run by great people.  But in a nation with hundreds of thousands of small businesses, even a small percentage makes a huge number of assholes.

        And unlike the past, we now have the internet, and the Streisand effect, so every asshole can be an overnight sensation on Reddit and Yelp and so forth. It makes them look bigger than they are.

      •  Unable to decide whether to be insulted by “little corner of nowhere” (i.e. Champaign-Urbana, IL) or nod in agreement…

        • Jonathan Badger says:

          When I was a grad student in Urbana we thought it would be a good idea to have the students in the department vote on their favorite places in town for a booklet distributed to new students. Unfortunately one wag put in “Willard Airport, departure lounge” and it shot to the top of the list..

    • Matt Austern says:

      What makes you think it isn’t a good idea? You only hear about the times when it fails.

  2. millie fink says:

    Sounds almost as bad as LEX Express, another bus company in that area for Chicago students; it was shut down by the Feds.

    — False reporting of records of duty status.

    — Using commercial motor vehicles that were not periodically inspected.

    — Failing to properly maintain vehicle parts and accessories.

  3. steve heath says:

    Christ! What an asshole.

  4. Does anyone know if they introduced that steep penalty because there had been some problem, like people trying to get away with a free ride…?

    • Boundegar says:

      Stop being reasonable.  There is never another side to a story.

    • Rachel Malo says:

      That seems to be the company’s argument; however, when asked about it, they refuse to implement such rudimentary measures as, say, checking the names of the tickets against a manifest at the time of boarding. Also, some of those fined also claim that they’d accidentally handed the driver their return ticket instead of a departure ticket. Finally, the majority of these lawsuits haven’t been fined in Champaign County (where both the company and the university are located and where the vast majority of affected students live), but rather in Ford County, thirty miles away in the middle of nowhere. This makes it difficult for students to get there (as there’s no public transport), and prevents UIUC’s student legal services from representing them, as they will only do so for cases based in Champaign County.

      Besides, the threat of theft doesn’t justify their harassment of Redditors and others who give them negative reviews.

  5. Ryan Bonick says:

    A competing company’s email ad.

  6. oneofthree says:
    minimalist, yet boastful… can’t decide whether this is a real or pretend hack

    • Sean Maher says:

      I was following this drama and my biggest question was if SE had a monopoly. How does a good bus company not swoop in and take all the business?

      Go Peoria Charter!

  7. chgoliz says:

    Correction: the company does not have any stops in Chicago.  They don’t pick up in Chicago and they don’t drop off in Chicago.  You can say “Chicago area” or “greater Chicagoland area” (that’s how we say it), but not “Chicago”.

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