Keith Haring documentary by Maripol

French artist and fashion designer Maripol directed a new Web documentary about her friend Keith Haring. There are currently three Haring exhibitions in Paris right now, taking place at the Museé D'Art Moderne, 104, and Colette.


  1. I once saw Haring speak to a small room of students at the University of Iowa.  He was really cool.  At one point some student asked him to talk about some fo the “deeper meanings” of his work.  Haring just flat out said there was no deeper meaning or anything else going on.  It was just what-you-see-is-what-you-get.  It was a lovely moment.

  2. I love a good art documentary and this one looks like it could be a gooden!!! I don’t know much about Keith Haring, but he seems like an interesting guy!

  3. Keith Haring’s passing was such a great loss for the art world. Today it would have been his 55th birthday!

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