Guatemala: PBS NewsHour report on Ríos Montt genocide trial, from Miles O'Brien and Xeni Jardin


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  1. edinblack says:

    Democray Now! did some in-depth reporting when the trial was subverted on April 19, 2013

  2. Montt has powerful, international backing, derived principally from the under-reported Israeli sponsorship for his 1982 coup.  Much is made of the “School of the Americas” training that enabled this generation of Latin American, military juntas.  In fact – at least in the case of Montt and Guatemala, funding and logistics were an Israeli project – including 300 IDF commandos leading the coup operations, and ongoing supply of weapons, equipment, materiel and personnel.  This support for the genocide of the indigenous people of Guatemala is not only historical.  It persists to this day – and is an element in the recalcitrance of the Nation’s elite towards this prosecution.

    More detail is provided by the North American Congress on Latin America, and can be read here:
    Israel’s Proxy War in Guatemala.

    Anyone seeking to be rationally and fully informed on the matter of justice for Guatemala should make a point of becoming fully educated on this.  Otherwise, one may be cursing ripples, having never witnessed who had cast the stone.

  3. Daniel A. says:

    I also recommend this heartbreaking web series where they are inside the courtroom, documenting the horrific testimony:

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