Guatemala: Why We Cannot Turn Away


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  1. Should be “querellantes”, part of the accusation.

    Not much to say about the story itself that cant be summarized in “how many murderous assholes have the US supported?”

  2. j gold says:

    I remember going to Guatemala in the early nineties. Such a mix of beauty and trauma. It’s an amazing place, well worth a visit. Their history is intertwined with ours. 

  3. BillStewart2012 says:

    Did Alan Nairn get to testify?  I’d met him back in the 80s when he and Amy Goodman were reporting on the East Timor massacre, and I saw a few weeks ago that his testimony about Rios-Montt had been scheduled for a day or two after the trial got interrupted.

  4. Richard says:

    I can’t remember now which book tells the incredible story of MartÌn Prechtel’s escape from those killing fields in Guatemala, likely I think it may be his second one:  ‘Secrets of the Talking Jaguar’.

    For a slightly different view of the story you are immersed in, might wish to check out his work.

  5. Maria Parrish says:

    When you’re rich and powerful in Guatemala you can get away with anything.
    My guess is that judge got paid or threaten and that’s why trial paused originally.
    The war isn’t over in Guatemala, abuse, murder, kidnapping, and still goes on without any investigation and again they get away with it because they are powerful or rich.

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