Death, be not infrequent


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  1. PhosPhorious says:

    He or she should take better care of themself.  Then he or she wouldn’t die so often.

  2. Ben Gatien says:

    When I first read the post I thought it said every 65 years, not every 0.65 years.   That made no sense, whatsoever, so I had to go read the article to figure it out.   Every 2/3 of a year is much more reasonable.

  3. big ryan says:

    its gotta be pretty terrible when someone comes up and tells you that you are legitimately the oldest person on the planet, its like fine i get it already im old!

  4. Daneel says:

    I plan to make it to the 22nd century. This’ll require me becoming the oldest person in the world, or thereabouts.

    • niktemadur says:

      Well then I’ve got some weird news for you.
      Medical researchers have a running gentleman’s wager that the first human that will make it to 150 years old is among us, and intriguingly, that person is likely already in their 50s.
      So somewhere, the speculation goes, there’s somebody thinking “I’ve probably got 30 years left, 40 at most”, but he/she is in for one helluva slow-motion surprise.

  5. doniphon says:

    Oh, if you only knew the truth…. that the oldest person in the world is still very much alive.  You see,  I was born in that region of Earth later called Mesopotamia, in the year 3834 B.C., as the millennia are reckoned. I was Akharin, a soldier, a bully and a fool. I fell in battle, pierced to the heart – and did not die.

    Ooops, uh…. did I say that out loud?

    • bryan rasmussen says:

       You know what, when I woke up this morning I realized I’d been dreaming of Mammoths. Amazing, even after all this time I could still recall their musty odor in my dreams.

    • retepslluerb says:

      Joke’s on you – we can go to the stars, you’ll have to remaon on Earth lest you grow old and die.

    •  Reminds me of that time back in the 1200s when the local baron struck down his own daughter before my very eyes rather than countenance our marriage. I swore a binding oath on the spot that I would not rest until I had avenged myself on him and all his descendents.  I escaped his dungeons, but then some friends came over to hang out, and things got pretty hectic at work for a while, and I met this new girl and we hit it off, and before you know it, eight hundred years have gone by, and two-thirds of the world’s population contains bits of the old baron’s DNA. I mean, geez, what am I supposed to do now?

  6. awjt says:

    It takes a mathematician to figure this one out?  LOL.

  7. Brainspore says:

    I don’t mean to brag or anything, but for a brief time 36 years ago today I was the Youngest Person in the World.

  8. cellocgw says:

    Is this some kind of Death Panel?

  9. Patrik D'haeseleer says:

    Reminds me of the classical Groucho Marx quote:

    “In this country a woman gives birth every 15 minutes. Our job is to find that woman and stop her.”

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