Sponsored Content Pretty Fucking Awesome


8 Responses to “Sponsored Content Pretty Fucking Awesome”

  1. fredges says:

    Oh, this made my day! :D I’d say “EPIC”, but I need a new word. How about, “Marvelous!”? Still chuckling out loud in my office…

  2. Stephen Gordon says:

    This is clearly a Syrian plot.

  3. thomadaeus says:

    The best sponsored content I have ever read.

    • billstewart says:

      I clicked on it, and it really was awesome!  (And that’s even though the censorware at work blocked half the page because it doesn’t like some parts of The Onion.)

  4. Antinous / Moderator says:

    That darn internet!  We never had this problem in my day.

  5. nemryn says:

    At last, a post where I can mention that I think it’s bogus that sponsored posts on BoingBoing have comments turned off.

    • We usually leave them on, don’t we? If they’re off, it’s because the advertiser doesn’t want them on, I believe.

      • nemryn says:

        Huh. I guess I somehow just haven’t seen any of the ones with comments enabled, then. Weird.

         But really, it kind of feels like a sell-out-y thing to do, you know? If an advertiser doesn’t want comments on an ad like that, my first thought is that it’s because they’re trying to ‘control the message’, they’re afraid people will say “Nuh-uh, this thing sucks instead of rocks, don’t waste your money on it.” And BoingBoing doesn’t really feel like the sort of place that’d be willing to play along with a ‘brand placement strategy’ like that, you know? You’re usually pretty good about calling out that kind of bullshit when other people do it.

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