Yahoo buys Tumblr


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  1. Jambe says:


    I’m not caffeinated enough to muster any insight or humor, but again:


  2. Cactaur says:

    How does yahoo even have 1bn in cash lying around?

  3. G3 says:

    Why can’t Yahoo just buy a sports car or a penile extension for their late-midlife crisis?

  4. sdmikev says:

    Mebbe I’m old, but I don’t get tumblr.  Other than the VERY few ones that I have seen that were put together by a pro for a specific reason like NatGeo, pretty much every single tumblr page I’ve seen is just a collection of linked up photos with zero context. 
    Hey, check out this cool design!  OK, where can I find that?  Click, click, click, click.
    Awesome.  700 people re-blogged something with no reference to what the hell it is.

    • slippy0 says:

      Tumblr was somewhat designed for content-creators. If you post your work on Tumblr and it gets reblogged, then all of those reblogs will list you (correctly) as the source. 

      Unfortunately, as you pointed out, if you’re just sharing something you found, then there is no proper way to pass the source along. The best you can do is list the source in your post and pretend that people actually read the source post. 
      Furthermore their messaging system is absolute piss. Like what the hell.

      • sdmikev says:

        Like I said, it’s complete crap.  :)
        It’s for the nano-second attention span crowd.  The ones that don’t read anything anyway, so I guess that’s the point..

    • bardfinn says:

      Tumblr is for jpeg/gif pr0n.

    • Ian Wood says:

      Like Twitter, tumblr is what you  make of it. If you follow people who are interesting to you, you will find interesting things on your dashboard. If you make interesting things and tag them appropriately, people will eventually follow you.

      But yeah, there’s lots of crap, and lots of teenagers.

  5. I don’t get all the Yahoo! hate. I’m not a huge fan of Yahoo! in general, but they’ve got some great tech. And they’ve shown in the past that they are able to not completely screw up a purchase if kept independent (see Flickr). Admittedly they didn’t do Flickr any favors by ignoring it, but they also didn’t destroy it. Shows that a great product, even if ignored, can survive. And it seems as if under Meyer they’re at least willing to spend a little money to buff up their properties.

    • Ramone says:

      You may want to rethink how they’ve handled Flickr:

      TL;DR versin: Flickr went from being the #1 photo sharing site to getting the shaft once it was bought by Yahoo.

      • I didn’t say they handled it well, but it’s arguable that they’ve killed it. Getting the shaft certainly seems apt, and so perhaps we should say that Yahoo! has a tendency to let things wither on the vine. But hopefully under Meyer Yahoo! will do a better job of shepherding investments like this. I dunno what’s in the cards for Flickr, it seems likely to stick around, and maybe with a little TLC it’ll regain some of its former glory.

    • boomsb says:

       Also Delicious was one of the best bookmark services, and was similarly shafted once Yahoo! took over. Development and feature implementation stagnated. Hopefully they’ve learned from their myriad of buyout failures.

      • Ha, yeah. I thought about mentioning Delicious as a counterpoint (I’m still a user). Delicious managed to escape and survive from the dungeons of Yahoo!, though it’s hard to see them gaining as a player in the space they occupy. I guess that’s the real moral of the story. Yahoo! has an eye for great companies, but hasn’t been good at leveraging them. Maybe is even able to actively destroy them. Hopefully that changes under current leadership.

        • chris coreline says:

           ‘Yahoo! has an eye for great companies’
          in the same way as a poacher has an eye for a great elephant.

    • Ian Wood says:

      Mayer’s stated priorities are “God, family, and Yahoo – in that order.”

      Which might suggest that the fuckyeah[thing i like] culture won’t fare especially well if she actually visits the site her company just purchased.

  6. yahoofuckno!

  7. bardfinn says:

    From the stakeholder side of the equation:

    Tumblr is incredibly popular amongst people microblogging gifs and jpegs.

    Especially pr0n gifs and jpegs.

    When (not if) Yahoo disturbs the “just don’t upload pr0n videos or child pr0n but otherwise we don’t mind about your content” balance, the users will migrate away to some other platform that lets them be young, free, and sexah out of sight of their elders and employment.

    There is literally nothing special about tumblr’s technology or code. The attractive thing about it is that you can draw, paint, write about, post, look at, and discuss stuff without a nanny coming along and taking it down because it has a breast feeding mother, without it getting you fired by a snooping boss, without getting beaten and/or disowned by intolerant parents or insular geographic society,

    And you can make it look attractive with a huge variety of CSS overlays.

    Yahoo’s “personalisation technology” is going to make a bunch of people just stop signing in to Yahoo and stop visiting Yahoo, if it “personalises” their searches with their favourite late-night Tumblr browsing.

    • Gulliver says:

      Personally, I want to see the press-release headlined: Yahoo Acquires Hip Youth-Driven Service for Bisexual Pron and Budding Photographers…Yahooooooo!

  8. Mitchell Glaser says:

    Good luck, Tumblr fans. These takeovers are death for the purchased product more often than not. I’m still stinging from Twitter’s takeover of Posterous. Everyone was promised that Twitter would invest and improve it, but inside of a year Posterous was excremented.

    • Ramone says:

      At least they have Mayer going for them. If she can keep Tumblr relevant and spread some of that “cool” factor to Yahoo, then she’s earned her pay. But that’s a pretty big “IF”.

  9. RadioSilence says:

    What do Yahoo actually do?
    I know the name, and have done for the past 15-or-so years, without ever going to their site or anyone giving me a reason to.
    Yahoo occupies the same part of my brain as altavista. Is that still a thing? Do *they* have a billion dollars just sitting around, too?

  10. kartwaffles says:

    Obligatory (Original source: xkcd.)

  11. axle says:

    Yahoo: the best place to read totally insane comments by 60-something ultra right wing nut-jobs.
     I don’t know why I still have a Yahoo email account. I really should change to gmail.

  12. anon0mouse says:

    Everyone knows that cheetahs run really fast.  So if you eat a cheetah, you’ll be able to run fast too.  That’s math.  Math is smart. Yahoo is smart because they understand math.

  13. chaz4wildman says:

    Another joke of a deal, but journalists apparently love it.  Here’s a more realistic appraisal:

  14. Antinous / Moderator says:

    If I have to announce my age every time that I want to see a dick, I’m going to be very put out.

  15. Chentzilla says:

    Correctly identified Beschizza’s brand of humor (my RSS reader won’t show the author).

  16. liquidsky says:

    Odd mix. Tumblr generates alot of adult pron content.
    CEO Mayer is very christian and devoted to god.
    Just saying…

  17. Say whatever you want Beschizza, but this is how Yahoo forces web evolution, burying old stuff under money until it suffocates

  18. DocPop says:

    For Mayer’s first post, she took one of Olly Moss’s Flickr images ( and reposted it without any attribution of CC notation?
    Wow, she got the hang of Tumblr fast!

  19. Peter says:

    There’s a part of me that hopes Yahoo runs it into the ground.  Because I’ve seen some very nice content and people on tumblr, but trying to navigate the site or find anything on it makes my eyes bleed.

    So that selfish part of me wants it to be completely ruined so that these nice people will swarm to some other site with a better interface and maybe even I can join them. 

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