Guatemala: Genocide trial annullment amplifies chaos and fear


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  1. SedanChair says:

    Aghh I feel so whipsawed by this entire process. Thanks for covering it Xeni

  2. headcode says:

    Why does it feel like evil always wins?  And yet that can’t be, else there would be no civilization.  But still, a few sociopaths can do more damage that a million good people can do good.

  3. YourOldBuddy says:

    Sounds as if the system is broken. If you can just demand the judges recuse themselves and thereby stop the process until that is resolved and then demand that they recuse themselves again, again and again, then that system is broken.

    The spirit of the law is that court should be able to work around technicalities such as these and from what I have read it sounds as if the constitutional court is going to let Montt get away with genocide and his lawyers get away with damaging its justice system and image abroad. Banana Republic if I ever saw one. 

    • Ian G says:

      It’s interesting because the genocide trial clearly indicated that not only was Rios Montt guilty, but required further investigation and prosecutions…which would have led to the current President AND United States officials at the highest levels (Kissinger, Reagan, Elliot-Abrams, etc.) 
      It’s a Banana Republic that at least was able to charge and attempt to prosecute genocidal acts of their government; we in the U.S. wouldn’t and won’t allow this type of trial of our officials involved for crimes committed then…. or now.  We are in no place to criticize them, sadly.

      • spacedoggy says:

        Indeed, too much digging leads back to US foreign policy. and therefore is not allowed. Looks like it’s back to Sports and Reality TV for us!

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