World's largest Lego sculpture: 5.3 million-brick X-Wing Starfighter


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  1. G3 says:

    It’s s#$%! like this that’s really going to piss off the Empire.

  2. StAlfongzo says:

    23 Tons of Lego’s wow that’s a lot of Lego’s. I wonder what the cost of this project was. Its cool but I cant help thinking what a waste of time and money.

    • GawainLavers says:

      I cant help thinking what a waste of time and money

      You, my friend, have come to the wrong site.

    • Brian Stokes says:

       One could argue Congress, the War on Drugs, the U.S. Prison System, reality TV programs… all wastes of time and money.  At least this is inspiring and cool.  What one does with money is subjective.

  3. GawainLavers says:

    I sincerely hope they went with Duplo blocks.

  4. 10xor01 says:

    This build needs a time lapse video.

  5. frogmarch says:

    The more they tighten their grip, the more bricks will slip through their fingers.

  6. Nash Rambler says:

    What I really like about this is not that it is a full-size X-Wing made out of Lego bricks, it’s that it is a completed Lego X-Wing made out of Lego bricks, large-scale.  If you take note of the details, the creator(s) made the individual, unique Lego bricks that represent the various X-Wing parts (the little dishes, the landing gear foot, et cetra) out of regular bricks.  That’s a 46,000-pound joke right there folks.  Bravo!

    • PhasmaFelis says:

      I was just thinking that made it much less impressive, actually. There’s no more creativity in this than in a cinderblock wall. Follow the original set’s instructions in a Lego design program, output as 3D model, run through a 3D-to-brick converter, and there’s nothing left but three months of putting one brick atop another.

      Legos-made-of-Legos are cute, but it’s disappointing for a record-breaking effort like this one to be so formulaic. An actual 1:1 Lego version of the screen model would really have been something to see.

      • anansi133 says:

         If they had modeled the 7191 Ultimate collector’s edition X-Wing, I would have been impressed. I can’t tell from the pictures which version of their X wing they modeled, but it looks awful ‘cutesy’ for something that can take out a death star just using box cutters.

      • anon0mouse says:

        …and if s-foils could lock into attack position.

  7. peregrinus says:

    Yes but does it fly?

  8. Jardine says:

    To put this in perspective, the 2-storey Lego house made for James May’s Toy Stories was only 3.3 million bricks.

  9. bcsizemo says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a real X-Wing just covered with Lego…I mean that makes more sense to me.

  10. gwailo_joe says:

    Am I to understand that this model does not actually form into the actual ‘X’ wing configuration???

    I suppose next they’ll make a Lambda-class T-4a with the wings in the vertical…

    -insert annoyed R2 unit whistle here-

  11. oasisob1 says:

    …Congress, the War on Drugs, the U.S. Prison System, reality TV programs… 

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