Kickstarter: otherworldly glowing "jellyfish" for the sky


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  1. “…I was dazzled by the sight of glowing, otherworldly jellyfish floating above the crowd…”

    Just seconds into the video, and I am HUGELY disappointed to learn that these do not, in fact, float nor fly at all.

    • David Pescovitz says:

      I am terribly sorry to have disappointed you so. I hope you recover. I have clarified in my post so as not to emotionally destroy anyone else.

    • Robert Drop says:

      Yes, in fact I believe we call that “hanging.”

      • FakeNina says:

         It was past midnight when the posse
        rode back into Kinsey. In a voice dry and unforgiving as last winter Marshal Pescovitz
        addressed the gathered townsfolk. “We caught up with Earle Suffolk and his gang
        at Epitaph Gulch – didn’t put up much of a fight, all told. Fetch the rope – we’re gonna
        have ourselves a floatin’!”

    • BillStewart2012 says:

      They’re still just astounding, and it’s so much fun to have a bunch of them around.  I’ve seen them in San Francisco at Burning Man related events, and the people carrying them have clearly been having a lot of fun with them.  (And all the initial $125 early production batch are spoken for :-)

  2. SSGGeezer says:

    Flying? not so much. Weak and misleading verbiage.  $125.00? I could get a remote control helicopter with LED lights for less. (And it would fly!)

    • David Pescovitz says:

      But it wouldn’t look like an otherworldly jellyfish in the sky.

    • mccrum says:

      There does seem to be a large markup going somewhere for an LED, battery, nylon, and a stick.  I love the art, but this is too rich for my blood without a kite or helium element to get it up there on its own.

  3. TheOven says:

    OMG it costs 125$ to make a paper lantern jellyfish?

  4. I think they look and behave great. Unfortunately we lived in low-laying tree land and the trees would surely entangle these J-FISH

    • BillStewart2012 says:

      They’re approximately the size of a golf umbrella with an 8′ pole, so you probably need about 12-15′ of clearance depending on how much you want to wave them around, or a bit less if you’re hanging them from a tree.

  5. lev36 says:


  6. rewhu says:

    My first thought was of John Dies At The End.

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